4D Experience

Our 4D Experience (launched by James May) is located in the Test Flight Hangar.  Visitors can experience 3D animated visuals with an added dimension of dynamic seat movements, water spray, leg ticklers (yes really!) and smoke effects in a purpose built theatre.

There are a number of rides available to choose from including:

B17: The Mission

(Duration approx 10 minutes)

Join the crew of the Kalamazoo Girl as they head deep into enemy territory on a World War two bombing mission vital to the Allies cause. Using computer animation combined with real-life actors, this poignant epic film will excite and enthral.


(Duration approx 5 minutes) 

Join a team of recruits for an intense air fighter training flight. Your mission: Get in your aircraft and chase down an advanced flying robot. Roger that? Good luck on your mission.

Ravine Race

(Duration approx 4 minutes) 

You're the pilot in the race of your life as you navigate through death defying canyons at supersonic speeds. One slip and it's game over. So you need to fully concentrate on the obstacles and thrills and spills ahead to avoid the ultimate wipe-out.

Dog Fight - Red Baron

(Duration approx 5 minutes)

Visitors have the opportunity to experience genuine combat with the flying aces of World War I and see the speed with which the pilot reacts.

Boarding Passes cost just £4.00 per person.  A Saver ticket at £12.00 allows four people to ride together.

If you decide to take advantage of a second ride on the 4D Experience, it will cost just £2.00 per person.

Tickets can be purchased on arrival in the Visitor Centre, at the Museum gift shop or in Test Flight where the 4D Experience is located.  Children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

Monday 13 June 2016 - Apologies but the 4D Experience and Flight Simulator will both be closed.