Customer Charter

Our purpose is to tell the story of the Royal Air Force through its people and collections.

  • For our visitors, we make our collections and the RAF story relevant and stimulating
  • For current and former RAF personnel and their families, we preserve, honour and share the stories of their service
  • For our nation, we help people to understand the impact of the RAF in the world 

Our ambition is to ensure that the Royal Air Force's story endures and enriches future generations.

Our Promise

We promise to do this by the integrated use of exhibitions, collections and the knowledge and expertise of the staff. We aim to maintain our position as a centre of excellence, to enlighten, excite and entertain our customers and provide them all with a quality service.

Download Customer Charter (74kb)

In using the term 'customers', the Museum recognises that it provides a service to more people than those who actually visit the site. The Museum also recognises that its customers extend from aviation enthusiasts to those who visit the site as part of a leisure experience. As such it needs to both appeal to and attract from a wide range of ages and expectations. The aim, in all cases, is to exceed those expectations and make every customer a natural ambassador for the Museum.

The Customer Charter is the means by which the Trustees and staff of the Museum translate the Mission Statement and Promise into action, by setting out the levels of service that users of the Museum, be they visitors, researchers, customers, suppliers, borrowers, or lenders can expect.

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