What are our priorities and how are we doing?

Corporate Plan 2015-2020

[Awaiting final approval]

Strategic Plan for 2015-2020

Business Plan 2017-18

Annual report

Annual reports are published in the policy and performance section

Internal and external reviews of the museum’s performance The Museum's performance is recorded in the Annual Financial Statements

Key Performance Indicators have been identified, and reports will be included in the Annual Report and Accounts from 2015-16:

Measured on an ongoing basis:

  1. Visitor Numbers
  2. Total self-generated income
    a. (Self-generated gross profit)
  3. Virtual engagement
    a. (Website and social media)
  4. Number of members

Measured annually via surveys:

Visitor Satisfaction (would you recommend a friend?)
Staff Satisfaction 

In the course of development:
Health and Safety incidents
Energy consumption
A Collections Key Performance Indicator (to be confirmed)


From time to time reports on performance are received from external sources; examples include the Visitor Attraction Quality Assurance Scheme.

Service standards - Our Vision

The ambition of the Museum is to ensure that the RAF’s story endures and enriches future generations.  
The vision of the museum is to be a world-leading museum that engages, inspires and connects everyone with the RAF story through exploration of its people and its collections.

Our Purpose

The RAF has shaped our nation and our society. It has influenced how we live our lives today through its impact on world events, society and technology.

  • The purpose of the Museum is to tell the story of the RAF through its people and collections.
  • For our nation, we help people to understand the impact of the RAF on the world.
  • For visitors, we make our collections and the RAF story relevant and stimulating.
  • For current and former RAF personnel and their families, we preserve, honour and share the stories of their service.

Visitor figures and audience research

Visitor figures for London and Cosford, covering the years 2008 to 2015 are published via this link.

Audience Research

This includes commercially sensitive information, some of which may be made available on written request.

To facilitate the publication of visitor opinions about the Museum, people are given the opportunity to write reviews about the Museum which are published on our website at the following pages:

All reviews are checked for spelling and use of bad language before they are published, but they are not altered or amended other than for these factors. The same facility is offered on the Museum’s Facebook Fan Pages:

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