5 Marathons in 5 Days: Day 2 - Alan's Account

Day 2

Day 2 of the walk was a little challenging: our limbs were very stiff indeed; the route was incredibly hilly. At the base of one section at Offchurch there was a cottage called 9 Hills Cottage and it was true to its name; for most of the route there were no pavements so we had to walk on mainly narrow roads with cars whizzing by; and tracker problems. Health-wise we are both all okay apart from my blister but, thankfully Robin is blister free. 

We stopped twice - at a Starbucks in Kenilworth and The Stag Offchurch. We only ate some pork pie in the pub and a banana and an energy bar each. We found stopping a little difficult as our legs seemed to seize up and it took a time to get them started-and walked a bit like characters from Thunderbirds......

Robin Southwell - enjoying a refreshing orange juice at the Stag in Offchurch
There is still a lot of bonhomie and great banter although interspersed with some rugged determination to get the job done. We found we had something else in common -transcendental meditation. Robin had been introduced to it fleetingly in India whereas I did a five day course in Shepherds Bush and said he used a trance light state to eat up some of the miles.... He led for the whole day and just waved away oncoming cars and lorries - there were a couple of near misses (or should it be near hits)? 
Part of the Route - with no pathways
But we did it and after long hot baths at the Premier Inn Leamington Spa we went with Gaynor who had picked us up from the end point to an Italian restaurant for some pasta. Interestingly (at least to us) neither of us were really hungry, we must be losing shed loads of weight!!
Before hitting the sack emails attended to and a call from Ed, our son, who has changed things in order to join us on Friday for the last stage. 

Quite rightly Robin said wearing my compression socks were not a good look and he photographs well in his draw string Marks and Spencer trousers. But the socks do help with medial tibial strain syndrome (shin splints in old money) which my left leg has a penchant for.
Alan in his shorts and compression socks!
I fear Robin might be getting them too - watching him hobble to the restaurant last evening (his hobble was a little more pronounced than mine). This would be a real shame as they are incredibly painful but we just have to walk through them as I understand the worst case is stress fractures. 

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