5 Marathons in 5 Days: Day 3 - Alan's Account

Day 3

Sir Glenn Torpy, Chairman of the Museum's Board of Trustees, joined us at breakfast today before the three of us set off for a much warmer day across 3 counties - Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire. Glenn fitted into the spirit of the walk immediately and the resulting banter and more intelligent conversation (somewhat lacking on days 1 and 2) offset, even numbed some of the pain.
Robin Southwell, Sir Glenn Torpy and Alan Coppin just outside Little PrestonAgain there were a lot of hills and narrow roads with no pavements but this did not stop a good pace set by Robin. We took in some fabulous countryside but my compatriots slightly lost the plot when they identified what they said was a zebra and took a photo.

My suggestion -that it was a horse in a zebra coat was overruled but I was later vindicated when over dinner Robin showed the same picture to Gaynor who confirmed it was a coat. A zebra or horse in a zebra coat on a farm in rural Buckinghamshire - equally bizarre of course!!

A wild zebra in Northants?
We walked past the racing circuit at Silverstone and stopped at a pub in Stowe for mushroom soup and then a farm shop outside Buckingham for coffee and Victoria Sponges. 

IT had informed us we had a rogue tracker which they were trying to fix. It is a bit of a weight - I am the only one with a back pack.
Sir Glenn Torpy (Left) and Alan Coppin (right) in the Whitehorse in Stowe
Dear Gaynor, my wonderful wife, picked us up at the end of the walk, and we drove to RAF Halton to stay in the Officer's Mess. Glenn then treated us to a great pasta dinner in a restaurant in Wendover. Perversely despite all of the walking my appetite is subdued and I couldn't finish the spaghetti with meatballs.

My legs are not as stiff as day one (which is progress) although my blistered left foot is not very pleasant but, as with the other two days walking - these thoughts completely subsumed by the terrific company. The weather forecast indicates rain awaits us on the final leg on Friday.

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Alan Coppin : Museum Trustee
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Alan Coppin : Museum Trustee

I have had an extensive career in the private, public and non profit sectors. After leaving a senior management consultant role at KMPG, I became CEO of international leisure company Wembley plc before becoming CEO and government accounting Officer for Royal Historic Palaces. Currently, I am a trustee of the Royal Air Force Museum and hold a number of advisory roles as well as chairing the Sports Grounds Safety Authority.

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