Historic Hendon Graphic Novel: Meet the Team

In recent weeks we have published, as part of our blog series, interviews with various students who are currently working on producing a digital graphic novel that will be launched in spring 2018 as part of the Historic Hendon Project .

These blogs may be read below:

  • Historic Hendon Graphic Novel: Alex Moore
  • Historic Hendon Graphic Novel: Jess Macadam
  • Historic Hendon Graphic Novel: Wiktoria Radkiewicz

    The aim of the Historic Hendon Project is to bring the amazing stories of the London Aerodrome and RAF Hendon to life for all our audiences. The creation of a digital graphic novel written by young people for young people, is I believe a fantastic way to introduce the Museum's wondrous collections and its amazing stories to life.

    So we have commissioned eleven students from the above course to write and draw short stories that bring to life events from Hendon's history from 1910 to the present day.

    In this video we meet the talented students undertaking this amazing project and learn about what inspires them and the stories that they are creating. I hope you enjoy this film.

    the Museum will be posting more video blogs talking about what is happening at our London site over the next few weeks, so keep visiting this section of our website.

    The Historic Hendon Project is kindly supported through the National Lottery's Heritage Lottery Fund.

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Paul Hudson-Knight, Head of Marketing
About the Author

Paul Hudson-Knight, Head of Marketing

Paul Hudson-Knight joined the Royal Air Force Museum as Head of Marketing in early 2008, having previously worked in event organisation & commercial radio. He first visited the RAF Museum in London in 1982 and fell in love with it then. His intention is to introduce the Museum to a new generation of young men and women so that they may be as passionate about it as he is.

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