Milestones of Flight Aircraft

The transformation of our London site continues apace in preparation for its commemorations next summer to celebrate the Centenary of the formation of the RAF.  This month London's ‘Milestones of Flight’ Hangar closed to allow work to undertaken for the installation of a new exhibition examining the RAF’s more recent history from 1982 to the present and also for the construction of a dedicated learning centre.

The Mosquito

To enable these works to be undertaken it has been necessary to remove many of the aircraft from the Hangar. Visitors to the site may have noticed the gradual decant of aircraft from Milestones. The Mosquito and Mustang were dismantled in the summer and moved to the Bomber Hall where there have been reassembled. The Hoverfly is currently stored in the Bomber Hall, from where it will move to fill the void left by the Chinook nose section which will move to the new exhibition in the Milestones building.

Our Mustang

The Tempest V has been relocated to Historic Hangars where it will replace the Spitfire V which will feature in 'The First 100 years of the RAF' exhibition. Another of the suspended aircraft, the Hawker Hart, has also found a new home in Historic Hangars replacing the Hart Trainer which is now on display at Cosford. 

The Hawker Tempst V has moved to Historic Hangars

Other moves to Cosford have been the Me 262 which arrived in June and can be seen in the ‘War in the Air’ Hangar.  The Falklands veteran Harrier GR.3 will eventually be displayed at Cosford but in the interim it is on loan to the RAF for use in their RAF 100 celebrations and will be a feature of a roadshow of historic aircraft that will travel the country next year. The Gloster Meteor has temporarily been placed into storage at Cosford.

The Me262 now on display in Cosford's 'War in the Air' Hangar

The Bleriot XI, Mew Gull and Nulli Secundus gondola have all been placed into storage in the Museum’s reserve store at Stafford. The Clarke glider was returned to its owners, the Royal Aeronautical Society, while the F.35 will remain in Milestones until its installation into the 'RAF: Now and the Future' exhibition later in the year. 

The Eurofighter Typhoon will remain in Milestones but will be lowered so that the airframe can be conditioned assessed after 10 years suspended display before being included in the hall's new exhibition 'The RAF in an Age of Uncertainty'.

The F35, with the DA2 Typhoon, Bleriot XI and Mustang in the background

The Tornado and Buccaneer have been moved from the Bomber Hall to Milestones where they will form part of the new exhibition. New arrivals will be the Harrier GR.9 currently on display at Cosford and the recent acquisition of a Sepecat Jaguar GR.1 which is currently being prepared by the RAF prior to its arrival at the Museum's London site.

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Andrew Dennis : Assistant Curator
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Andrew Dennis : Assistant Curator

I work in the Museum’s archive and library and am also the curator responsible for the Museum’s fascinating periodicals collection. This collection encompasses a wide variety of station and unit magazines, aircraft manufacturer’s in-house journals as well commercially produced magazines. I joined the Museum in 2009.

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