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Due to continued development of the RAF Museum website the Visitor Reviews page will no longer be available from the 30 Sept 2017.  

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A visit with Grandson

I am disabled and wondered if I could take my grandson anywhere during this summer holiday where he would like and I could go without too much walking.
Although the task of the 3 hangers seemed daunting my 87 year old mother and I brought him to Cosford. There were lots of seats for us to sit on while he discovered about the planes and came back with his questions. There were air cadets on hand for those questions we could not answer and friendly people around to help him with the "Spies" sheet that was new on the day we arrived. A super time out and thank you Cosford . 5 stars even from a disabled grand parent!
Bev Henderson, Rugeley


We replied: Glad to hear you enjoyed your visit to Cosford, we hope you will visit again in the not too distant future.


I am a regular visitor to Royal Air Force Museum Cosford and have been since a child. I watched it grow and prosper into what it is today. On my most recent visit now with my own children we were disappointed to find that many of the children's interactive attractions were not in use, out of order or just plain broken! I appreciate the use they must get but I'm sure you understand also the disappointment for kids when they can't use them.
On a different note I was annoyed to see multitudes of signs posted around asking for a £3 donation to keep the museum free to enter, as I say I am a frequent visitor I don't object to pay for parking furthermore I also make purchases in the shop and cafe on each occasion. In my eyes the museum is either free or it isn't I understand current financial constraints and money making ideas are often a good idea but iI do object to being bombarded with posters asking for donations ( I did place a donation in one of the collection boxes) as I wish to see the museum continue!
Finally and this comes from the children rather than myself whilst we are really lucky to have such an amount of aircraft on display please can I stress that it would be really much more interesting and fun for kids to see inside the larger aircraft perhaps the transport ones to see it from the outside close up is one thing but for them to fully appreciate the workings and magnitude from inside is something else. I can't see a problem with a tightly guided walkway in one door and out of the back of an aircraft just to see inside, this would have minimal intrusion anything potentially risky or could be messed with/damaged by kids could be removed or stowed but this would make a huge difference to their experience and because this is not possible currently it has prevented me from giving it a five star rating. I remember as a child myself visiting and ring able to enter a number of aircraft I appreciate the charge for the Nimrod tour but that is an exception because of what it is. We still had a great time but I feel some things need to change/improve.
S.Coote, Shrewsbury


We replied: Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, these have been passed to our General Manager who will email a detailed response. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and for your interest in the Museum.

Staff Put A Dampener On The Day

I visited the museum with my mom today, we were having a lovely day until we entered one part of the museum that was on two levels. We had walked through to the far end but there was a queue for the main lift which went up to the viewing platform as well as down. My mom has Rheumatoid Arthritis and suffers with chronic pain, so she cannot handle the stairs. We walked the way back to near the entrance where there was another lift, stating it was for 'limited mobility, scooters and pushchairs'. We were approached by a member of staff who told us the lift was for mobility scooters only, and replied sarcastically when we said there was a queue for the other lift as the queue had gone down by the time my mom had managed to walk over to the other lift. As he was being condescending, the mobility lift came up with two people in who were neither in a mobility scooter or a pushchair. He then backtracked and said we could use the lift 'as it was here now'. My mom is in chronic pain most of the time, and although she does not use a scooter or a walking stick, things most people take for granted like getting down stairs are a huge struggle for her. Some disabilities/illnesses are invisible and I cannot believe the ignorance we were met with. We left shortly after and I doubt we will return. Please encourage your staff to be kinder and less judgmental, as it was incredibly embarrassing for my mom. Jessica, Wolverhampton


We replied: We were sorry to hear of the problems you encountered during your visit and thank you for bringing this to our attention. A copy of your feedback has been passed to our Supervisors team who will look into this further with our front of house team.

We are sorry we did not meet your expectations on this occasion, but do hope you will consider visiting again in the not too distant future.


A brilliant day out, the 4D and flight experiments really worth doing, but the signage is hopeless.
I have been to Cosford at least four time, and only now did I get to Hangar 1, due to the entrance being hidden in a corner in the shop, just at the point when the majority of people are aero planed out. It is a fantastic collection of all sorts of planes, the stars being a JU52/3m and a Comet 1. We loved them all.

More signs for the elderly and none readers please.
Alan and Chris, PUCKLECHURCH



Was first class museum but all the good planes have been moved to London it is now very poor cold war museum is worth a visit. Michael Anderson, Telford


We replied: Thanks for your feedback. The Museum has over 75 aircraft and has recently taken delivery of five new aircraft, two of which have recently gone on display and three more will do so shortly. We are pleased to hear you like the National Cold War exhibition and thank you again for your feedback.