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Early Years Foundation Stage

STEAM Sessions


Helicopters (Reception)

Learn how helicopters fly, use motor skills to make your own paper rotor, test fly your rotor and meet real helicopters to learn about the jobs they do.

Early Years Links: Working scientifically, everyday materials, transport.

Teddy's Transport (Nursery and Reception)

Teddy is receiving his RAF Medal today, but he has lost  his uniform somewhere in the Museum. You will help him by exploring all our different transport to find his uniform, from planes to helicopters, from fire engines to ambulances! Once Teddy has his uniform, you will go to the Medal presentation with him and maybe even get your own!

Early Years Links: Transport.

Literacy and History Sessions

Story time (Nursery and Reception)

With a short tour around the Museum, listen to a fantastic story all about flying and transport adventures!

Early Years Links: Awareness of the past, develop spoken language and vocabulary, encourage reading for pleasure.

All our EYFS sessions:

- Cost £30 per class

- Last approximately 45 minutes

- Are led by Museum staff

- Are suitable for a class size of 30*

* Maximum of 30 children plus up to 10 adults for Story Time and Teddy's Transport