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Key Stage 5 and above

Our workshops for Key Stage 5 and above include Business Studies, Lesiure & Tourism & Museum Studies. Call 020 8358 4896.

Coming in School Year 2018-19. Available to book now. Click here to make a booking.

NEW! Debate Space  

Are robots taking over the world? Should killer drones be allowed in our skies and should we be worried about artificial intelligence? In our purpose-built Interactive Debate Space we will help your students find out about the advantages and disadvantages of the increasing use of artificial intelligence and drones.

Machines with increasing levels of automation and autonomy could be used in combat. Examine the arguments for and against and argue for your teams’ point of view. When the debate is over your students will vote on what they really think about this controversial topic and then have the opportunity to find out more about how the RAF uses new technologies such as drones and cyber warfare in the RAF: First to the Future exhibition. 75 minute workshop, £90 per session

Debate Skills, Artificial Intelligence, robotics and drones

Free booking during September and October 2018 (subject to availability)

Other workshops

We can also offer a range of workshops for KS5 and above, including Business Studies, Leisure and Tourism and Museum Studies. Up to 1 hour workshops, £60 per session

If you are looking for a session with a different focus, please give us a call to discuss this on 0208 358 4896 or email us at learning-london@rafmuseum.org .


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