Chinook - Big Windy in the RAF

Using rare film, touch screen information panels and a forward fuselage section, this exhibition tells the story of The West's ubiquitous transport helicopter, the Boeing Chinook - champion heavy lifter of the Royal Air Force's Support Helicopter fleet.

The exhibition was made possible by Boeing Integrated Defence Systems, supported by Honeywell, Rockwell Collins, PM Cargo - US Army, Huntsville, Alabama and the Officer Commanding, RAF Odiham - home base of the RAF's Chinooks.

Major elements of the exhibition were facilitated by Summit Aviation, and the Royal Air Force Museum American Foundation.

Learn more about the Chinook and experience our interactive displays by visiting the exhibition, in the Historic Hangars at RAF Museum London.


'Bravo November', the RAF's most famous Chinook.

Bravo November

The most famous of the RAF's Chinook helicopters is ZA718, known more usually by its two-letter identity code - 'Bravo November'.

This two-part painting illustrates its operational flying in the 1982 Falklands Conflict and during operations in Iraq more than twenty years later in 2003.

Its pilots during each campaign - the late Squadron Leader Richard 'Dick' Ulric Langworthy, and Squadron Leader Steve Carr - were awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Bravo November has also seen service in Lebanon, Germany, Northern Ireland, Kurdistan and Afghanistan. It is still in service at RAF Odiham.

The painting shown is 'Bravo November' By Joe Naujokas.

From the original held in the RAF Museum's Fine Art Collection. Limited Edition fine art prints of this painting are available from the RAF Museum's online shop.