Our London site will be closed 24 - 29 June inclusive
Our grand re-opening will be 30 June at 10.00am

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Only 6 miles from central London, the Royal Air Force Museum London now offers FREE admission to all. The Museum houses a world-class collection of aircraft, aviation artefacts and memorabilia. The Royal Air Force Museum's London site at Hendon is vast and it is really impossible to see everything in just one visit. Here are some suggestions about what you could fit into a short and a longer visit:

Hangar 1

Coming Summer 2018, two new permanent exhibitions - RAF Stories, The First 100 Years 1918–2018 and RAF - First to the Future, that will explore the first 100 years of the RAF, its role today and invite visitors to imagine its future contribution and technology 
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A First World War Pilot in Hangar 2

Hangar 2

Hangar 2 houses the UK's first aircraft factory, purpose-built, here at Hendon by Claude Grahame-White in 1917. It displays the Museum's oldest aircraft and is home to our multi award-winning First World War in the Air exhibition.
For up to 2 hours: The oldest aircraft in the collection 
With more time: SE5a, Bristol F2b Fighter, Albatros DVa
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 The Royal Air Force Overseas

Hangars 3 and 4 

The Historic Hangars are listed buildings that were part of the old Hendon Aerodrome, the cradle of British aviation. They have been linked together by a new building of fighter aircraft.
For up to 2 hours: Whirling Rotors, Southampton, The RAF Overseas
With more time:  The Queen's Royal Wessex Helicopter, Typhoon
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London's Hangar 5, home to our Bomber Collection

Hangar 5

Here the London site holds it collection of Bomber Aircraft. Please note, the Museum's Wellington Bomber is currently at the Michael Beetham Conservation Centre undergoing refurbishment. 
For up to 2 hours: Buccaneer, Halifax, Lancaster 
With more time: Vulcan, Liberator, Dambusters Film Show
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London's Hangar 6, home to the RAF in An Age of Uncertainty

Hangar 6

Opening summer 2018 - The RAF in an Age of Uncertainty, which examine the RAF’s recent history from the Falklands campaign to the modern day.

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Aeronauts, our Gallery for younger visitors

Aeronauts Interactive Centre

Come and enjoy our exciting interactive area - Aeronauts. Aeronauts Interactive has 'hands on' experiments that help our visitors learn how an aeroplane flies.
For up to 1 hours: Lots of fun for all ages
With more time: Spend some time experimenting
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Marine Craft Collection

Our Marine Craft Collection

Our London site is not just a home to a varied collection of aircraft, uniforms and medals. Marine Craft have been an integral part of the Royal Air Force's History. At our London site the following craft are on view to the public.
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*From time to time, we may have to close areas of the Museum to the public and it is not always possible to give advance notification. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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3 Pilots 1 War
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