Air Power in an Age of Uncertainty

29 September 2017

Air Power in an Age of Uncertainty

A One-Day International Conference to be held at the Royal Air Force Museum London

Organised in conjunction with the Air Power Studies Research Group, King’s College London at the Joint Services Command and Staff College

29 September 2017

Keynote address by Air Chief Marshal Sir Glenn Torpy

'Over the past two decades, airpower has become the “Western way of war” […] because it offers the prospect of military victory without large-scale destruction and loss of life.' John Andreas Olsen (2015)

Since Operation DESERT STORM, air power has increasingly become the military tool of choice for Western governments. Air power has played a major role in conflicts since the end of the Cold War as part of state responses to violence in this period. To understand the relevance of air power in this period, this conference, organised by the RAF Museum and the Air Power Studies Research Group of King’s College London at the Joint Services Command and Staff College, will explore air power developments from the late-Cold War period through to the present day. The conference will bring together practitioners, academics and wider Service, government and industry parties interested in the utility of air power with a wide-ranging line up of scholars from around the globe to explore the conference theme.

Speakers include Dr David Jordan (King’s College London), Dr Peter Lee (University of Portsmouth), Dr Ross Mahoney (RAF Museum), Dr Richard Mayne (Director, Royal Canadian Air Force History and Heritage), Dr Paula Thornhill (RAND Corporation).

A copy of the conference registration form can be obtained by contacting the organisers using the email listed below.


Dr Ross Mahoney (RAF Museum)

Dr Bleddyn Bowen (King’s College London)

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