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An Afternoon with Biggles

27 July 2013

Am aerial view of the interior of the Grahame White Factory

Geoff Hales leads a fascinating and amusing afternoon of comparison between the career of W.E Johns and that of his creation, Biggles. Based in the Grahame White Factory, you will also have the opportunity of a tour of the WW1 aircraft including the Sopwiths that Biggles would have been familiar with as well as the office of Claude Grahame-White (not always on show to the public).

Aircraft on show includes:

  • Bleriot XXVII
  • Royal Aircraft Factory RE.8 and SE5a
  • Vickers FB5 and Vimy
  • Sopwith Triplane, Strutter, Dolphin and Pup
  • Albatros D.Va replica

The event starts at 2pm and is expected to finish at 5pm

Ticket prices are:
£20 for Lightning Members
£25 for Lancaster Members and Non-Members

Book online for this event

Please note that advance booking is essential for this event as there is limited space. We are unable to accept payment on the afternoon of the event.

We will also be joined by James from Indie Books who will be talking about the republication of another W.E Johns classic: The Worrals Series.

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