Historic Hendon Workshop at One Stop Shop

14 June 2017

Consultation activity with local community groups

So far in the Historic Hendon workshops we have engaged with local residents, and heard and recorded stories, interests and thoughts. We have no begun to identify the themes that people feel best tell the local story, and we are now ready to look at designing an exhibition on the topic of Historic Hendon. 

In the next round of workshops, participants will work in small groups to produce collage narratives around the Hendon area, drawing on their own stories and historical material. We will then take these images and put them onto fabric, and make a large picnic blanket of Hendon stories. We will also use those images and stories in the production of a new permanent exhibition at the Museum. The sessions are accessible for all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Colindale Calling: The Historic Hendon Project

2018 marks the Centenary of the Royal Air Force and the award-winning RAF Museum will celebrate and commemorate this anniversary through a multi-million pound transformation of our visitor experience, telling the RAF story on site and online. Phase 2b of the Museum’s RAF Centenary Programme, ‘Historic Hendon’, focuses on sharing the historical significance of the Museum’s London site as the London Aerodrome in the early 20th century and later RAF Hendon. Drawing on archive and collection artefacts, the Museum will work with local people to research and develop interpretation and activities that reference the site’s unique airfield heritage. 
We want to work with YOU, residents of Colindale and Hendon, to tell the story of the Colindale area and RAF Hendon. We want to know what stories you are interested in, what moves you, what you think tells the story of Hendon – and we want to know how you think we should tell our story to visitors. We are an accessible site and welcome people of all ages, interests, backgrounds and abilities to take part in the project.

Discover and Develop

We will be running interactive workshops at the RAF Museum that unearth fantastic stories, looking at real objects, historic photographs, and stories: thinking about what they tell us about the people who worked and lived in the area over the last 100 years. We will be running workshops at the RAF Museum that think about the stories we’ve discovered together, how people may react to them, and how we can tell these stories through them.

When and Where?

If you want to help tell the story of your area, you can attend this session hosted at the One Stop Shop on the Grahame Park Estate at 6:00 pm.

You do not need to register – you can turn up on the day and take part!

For further information:
Please contact Joe Sullivan, Heritage Outreach Officer:
Email: joe.sullivan@rafmuseum.org
Phone: 0208 358 4862

Historic Hendon is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

Historic Hendon is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

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