Entry to MathsAlive! is free from 18 January

Published on: 16 January 2020

The MathsAlive! LogoMathsAlive! aims to make maths fun and accessible for all children aged 7 and above. Through its innovative interactives, young minds are invited to explore everyday activities that they love such as football, skateboarding, dance and gaming and to discover how they instinctively use maths to successfully negotiate every-day challenges.

Thanks to Raytheon UK, exploring this innovative exhibition has been made even easier! Through a generous donation given to the Royal Air Force Museum, by Raytheon UK, entry to MathsAlive! will be free to visitors of its London site from Saturday 18 January until the exhibition closes on Sunday 15 March.

So if you know a young adventurer who wants to ride in a live-action snowboard race, control a Mars rover, fend off cyber invaders from inside a computer game, or capture their image in a 360 degree freeze-motion video, but have been put off by the entrance fee – both you and they can now do so for free! Just turn up at the exhibition and start exploring together.

MathsAlive! will be open daily at the Royal Air Force Museum London from 11.00am – 4.00pm from 18 January. We would ask that all children attending this exhibition are accompanied by a responsible adult to help share the fun, and that each child is aged 7+.

Just one of the 18 interactives that the exhibition has on offer

If you have purchased a ticket for this exhibition for 18 January onwards. Please bring your tickets to the Museum Shop in Hangar 1 where you will be given a full refund. For further information about MathsAlive! and to download a guidebook specially created to help families explore maths in everyday situations, please visit the MathsAlive! exhibition.

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