F-35 model takes pride of place in Milestones of Flight

Published on: 23 September 2011

The F-35 Joint Strike FighterThe Royal Air Force Museum has recently taken delivery of a full scale model of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Built by Lockheed Martin, the model is a fully accurate representation of the aircraft currently in flight test and due to enter service with the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy in 2020.

Measuring 15.4m long with a wing span of 10.67m, the F-35 Lightning 2 makes an impressive debut alongside the Royal Air Force’s Typhoon fighter and the earlier Harrier GR3 – a veteran of the Falklands War.

The model has been employed by Lockheed Martin across the world at numerous exhibitions and air shows.

Their decision to donate the aircraft to the Royal Air Force Museum reflects the importance of British companies in the development of the F-35 and the aircraft’s significant role in the Royal Air Force’s future front line.

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