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Green Park Memorial Gives Charity Exposure

Published on: 23 January 2012

John CauldwellThe construction of a memorial in London’s Green Park has given a children’s charity vital exposure via a 100m long advertising hoarding.

The Memorial to honour the 55,573 men of Bomber Command who lost their lives in World War II is currently being constructed in the North West corner of Green Park, close to Buckingham Palace.

During the eight month build, the Bomber Command Association has partnered with national children’s charity, Caudwell Children, to run an advertising campaign along the stretch of Piccadilly being used for the Memorial.

Among the supporters of the Memorial is the renowned British philanthropist, John Caudwell, who founded Caudwell Children and remains their largest benefactor. It was his vision that inspired the partnership between the two charities. Before visiting the Bomber Command Memorial construction site, and meeting with the construction team, John Caudwell also visited the RAF Museum in Hendon to view the personal archives of Bomber Command aircrew. He also met with 88-year old Bomber Command Association Secretary, Douglas Radcliffe MBE, who was a Bomber Command wireless operator on the Lancaster during World War II.

The innovative campaign highlights the juxtaposition of challenges faced by Bomber Command during the War and the daily challenges encountered by the Charity and its child beneficiaries. The campaign features previously unseen archive images from Bomber Command and some of Caudwell Children’s beneficiaries.

Trudi Beswick, Chief Executive of Caudwell Children, commented: “I think it is strikingly poignant for the Bomber Command Association and Caudwell Children to campaign in partnership; it is because of the sacrifice of bomber Command that we have our freedom and now we must continue to support new generations to ensure they are able to continue the proud heritage of our country.”

“This opportunity has given the charity its first landmark advertising space in London and we hope that this increase in public awareness will help both charities during what are still challenging economic times.”

Bomber Command Association Chairman, Air Commodore (Retired) Malcolm White and a Trustee at the RAF Museum commented, “The construction of the Bomber Command Memorial would not have been possible without the generous support of John Caudwell. The axis between the Memorial, the Museum and indeed the RAF Benevolent Fund is splendid and taken together brings together the youth of today and the veterans who helped shape the here and the now. They are part of our national heritage. We are so pleased to be associated with Caudwell Children and the fantastic work that they do.”

Group Captain Keith Ifould (Retired) hosted John Caudwell during his visit to the Museum at Hendon added: “all of the team at Hendon and Cosford are committed to preserving our past in order to inform current and future generations. The Museum’s charter is to preserve the past, be it aircraft or more importantly human history. We do this with a focus on education and youth. It was a delight to welcome John to the Museum today.

For more information about Caudwell Children visit www.caudwellchildren.com or call 0845 300 1348.

Details of the Bomber Command Memorial can be found at www.bombercommand.com.

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