Names on a Plane - An Update

Published on: 03 June 2017

The Names on a Plane logoThank you to everyone who contributed to the RAF Museum’s Name on a Plane campaign in support of the RAF Museum’s RAF Centenary Programme. You helped raised over £300,000, from today you will see your name flying on the tail of the Red Arrow’s Hawk Jet XX322.

The names have just been applied to ensure they will remain on for as long as possible. Due to the names being applied as close as possible to the start of the season there is a delay in putting the app live.

We will soon be releasing images and an app that will allow you to trace your name and find out where you can see the displays.  

Please note that while we can assure you the names are on the Jet it will not be possible to get up close to take pictures on the ground at the airshows due to operational constraints. The app will allow you to zoom in and find your name and print off the image from home.  

While the finishing touches are being put together for full display information please visit the Red Arrows website.

Names on a plane gift certificate with a Red Arrow Hawk Jet

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