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RAF Museum announces Academic Prizes

Published on: 17 August 2016

The Royal Air Force Museum is pleased to announce the launch of a series of academic prizes that are designed to inspire and encourage high-quality research by up and coming scholars in the field of air power studies.

From 2016 onwards, three prizes will be awarded annually to an undergraduate, Masters and doctoral candidates in recognition of their work. The prize will be granted on the recommendation of a selection panel consisting of members of its Research Board. The selection panel consists of the following members:

Chair: Ian Thirsk (Royal Air Force Museum)
Dr. Ross Mahoney (Royal Air Force Museum)
Professor Richard Overy (University of Exeter)
Air Commodore (ret’d) Dr. Peter Gray (University of Birmingham)
Sebastian Cox (Head, Air Historical Branch)
Professor David Edgerton (King’s College London)
Professor Richard Morris (University of Huddersfield) 

Professor Richard Overy, University of Exeter and Chair of the RAF Museum Research Board, commented:

‘The academic prizes for work in air power studies constitute a significant step in acknowledging the growing quantity of high-quality assignments now being produced by both undergraduate and post-graduate students in the field and an incentive to ensure that interest in air power themes continues to grow and flourish.’

The prizes are not limited to work of history but also encompass related fields, such as archaeology, international relations, strategic studies, law and ethics, and museology. The prizes are also not confined to works focused on the RAF but include those that help tell the Service’s story. The Museum also encourages entries from students both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Karen Whitting, the Museum’s Director of Public Programmes, noted:

‘Through our series of recently announced academic prizes, the RAF Museum is delighted to be supporting high-quality and original research produced by up and coming scholars not only in the United Kingdom but globally. This is a significant step in the RAF Museum’s move towards becoming a centre of excellence for the study of the history of the RAF and air power history more generally.’

More details about each of the prizes can be downloaded:

The Royal Air Force Museum Undergraduate Prize in Air Power Studies
The Royal Air Force Museum Masters Prize in Air Power Studies
The Royal Air Force Museum Ph.D. Bursary in Air Power Studies

If you have any questions concerning eligibility, then please contact the RAF Museum’s
 Aviation Historian, Dr. Ross Mahoney.

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