Robinson R22

Robinson R22
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First flown in August 1975 and designed for efficiency, low noise and minimum maintenance, this small, light two-seat dual-control piston-engined helicopter was purchased by only a couple of military customers, the Turkish Army, in 1992 and Argentina, mainly for use by the Buenos Aires Police. Extremely popular - over 3,600 have been built, as the R-22, R-22 Alpha (1983) and improved R-22 Beta (1985) and current R-22 Beta II versions, and are in service in over sixty countries.
Individual Aircraft History
Built by the Robinson Helicopter Co Inc as an R-22 Beta in 1987, constructor's number 0738 and originally G-DSGN with Synter Aviation Ltd.
Re-registered G-OTHL 28 November1994.
Had flown 1503 hours by 31 December 1996.
Certificate of Airworthiness expired 17 January 2000.
De-registered as permanently withdrawn from use 8 February 2000.
Gifted to the RAF Museum by Cabair, Redhill Aerodrome as a 'Hands-On' interactive exhibit, arriving at Hendon January 2001 and given the false registration 'G-RAFM'.