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Exhibitions and displays

The Temporary Exhibition Gallery at Cosford
Princess Mary Nursing Exhibition London
Chinook Exhibition London

The Museum has throughout both its sites in Cosford and London a number of discrete exhibitions and displays in our main galleries that have been created to highlight particular areas of service life and factors that effected everyday people during key periods in the Royal Air Force's history. We also have a number of temporary exhibitions at each site.


Alongside the Aircraft Collection displays, RAF Museum Cosford hosts a number of fascinating exhibitions and displays. These include:

  • Radar Echoing Models, aircraft, missiles and tanks used in intelligence gathering.
  • Air Gunners, a description of who, what, where, when and how air gunners operated.
  • Prisoners of War, exploring Cosford's role as a POW reception centre and History of Cosford
  • A description of Cosford's role during and since WWII.

We also have exhibitions of Aero Engines, with piston engines from the 50hp Le Rhone to the 2900hp Wright cyclone and jet engines with everything from early Whittle engines up to Eurofighter. We have a collection of German, US and British solid and liquid fuelled Rocket motors and a unique collection of German Rocketry.


Within to our main halls, Milestones of Flight, Historic Hangars, Bomber Hall and Grahame White Aircraft Factory, the Museum hosts a number of exhibitions and displays that you can explore during your visit. The following permanent exhibitions are currently on display at RAF Museum London:

  • Chinook - Big Windy, located in the Museum's Historic Hangars
  • Princess Mary RAF Nursing Service, located in the Museum's Bomber Command Hall
  • Air Traffic Control, located on the top floor of the Museum's Milestones of Flight Gallery
  • Aviation History Timeline, which can be found in our Milestones of Flight Gallery
  • First World War in the Air, located in the Grahame White Factory

Additionally the Museum currently has a temporary exhibition which can be found in the Upper Gallery Area of Historic Hangars. The entrance to these Galleries in via the stairs located in Conference Reception. We currently have on display in this area:

  • In the Art Gallery until 28 January 2018 - "RAF Photographer of the Year"
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