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The Royal Air Force Museum lends objects to museums and galleries in the United Kingdom and around the world.

The RAF Museum shares the story of the RAF through the objects in our collection and is keen to make these objects publicly accessible. As the collection is extensive, we are unable to put all of the objects on display at our two public sites. Loans are, therefore, important in helping us make the national collection as widely accessible as possible.

Please ensure all fields of this form are completed. Additionally, all loans must be accompanied by completed UK Registrars Group (UKRG) reports, any incomplete forms will not be accepted as formal loan applications. 

Please note: For requests from UK based institutions we require six months’ and from international institutions we require 12 months’ advance notice to ensure we can undertake all the work necessary to administer the loan. The maximum period for any loan agreement is 3 years and is subject to renewal.  

For RAF personnel, offices and stations wishing to loan objects, please get in touch with Erica Ferguson at RAF Heritage Branch in the first instance to discuss your requirements.

Erica can be contacted as follows: 

Wing Commander EJ Ferguson RAF
SO1 RAF Heritage
Room 29 Meteor
Air Command
RAF High Wycombe Walters Ash
HP14 4UE DFTS: (95221) 3805 
Office: +44 01494 493805
Mobile: 07813 85671


If you would like to enquire about borrowing an object from the Royal Air Force Museum, please contact:
Lisa Hickman,
Museum Registrar
Royal Air Force Museum,
Grahame Park Way,
London, NW9 5LL
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  • Purpose of loan

    The Royal Air Force Museum loans artefacts for the public benefit and to increase public access to its extensive collections through exhibition, display and research. Therefore, before committing to any loan, the purpose of the loan needs to be articulated.