Donate an artefact

The Mew Gull - a recent artefact donated to the Museum.
Donate an artefact to the Royal Air Force Museum.
Donate an artefact to the Royal Air Force Museum.
Donate an artefact to the Royal Air Force Museum.
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How to offer material to our collections

Please use our Prospective Donations form to tell us about the item(s) you are considering donating to the Royal Air Force Museum.

Copies are available at Reception or on our web site

Please provide as much information as you can (including images if possible) about the item(s) themselves and how you acquired them.
One of our curators will assess your offer and contact you in due course. Please note, the Royal Air Force Museum receives many offers of material for the Collection and whilst we consider each offer it may take us some time to respond to you.

If you have an aircrew log book or photographs that that you would rather not donate but would consider loaning to us so that we can make copies for our Archives or Photographs Collections we would be very interested to hear from you.

Please contact:

Items we are unable to accept for our collections

The Royal Air Force Museum is fortunate to continue to receive a large number of offers to donate material for incorporation into our extensive Collections.

Whilst all such offers are gratefully received, unfortunately, we are unable to accept every item offered to us, usually for one or more of the following reasons:

  • We already have good examples of the object/object type within the existing Collection
  • The material offered falls outside our Collecting policy
  • The current ownership of the material is unknown or at risk of being disputed
  • We lack the space or resources to be able to accommodate the material
  • The material is something that we do not collect for ethical or legal reasons, such as human remains and unlicensed firearms
  • The material includes radioactive items, cellulose nitrate film or any items which may contain dangerous or harmful substances, such as explosives or asbestos
  • The item(s) is in poor condition
  • The cost of transporting the item(s) would be prohibitive

We are not able to accept material on long-term loan

Our Acquisitions and Disposals Policy and Collecting Statement outline our priorities and provide guidance on what we can collect

Please note that we cannot guarantee that any item donated will be displayed, but all items in our collections are available for viewing and research by appointment.

If you would like to make an enquiry about donating an artefact to the  Royal Air Force Museum please contact: 

The Department of Collections Management
T: 0208 358 4885

Royal Air Force Museum,
Grahame Park Way,
London, NW9 5LL
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