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Biggles and Chums - A Portrait of a Young Man

17th April 2014

In this blog, Paul Hudson, Head of Marketing, looks to the museum's First World War Art Exhibition and why a particular painting has...
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Research & Development Collection at Cosford

9th April 2014

When I joined the museum in 2010 I discovered I would be heavily involved with one of the most interesting collections in the RAF...
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Treasures from the Sir Alan Cobham Collection

1st April 2014

Find out why a tattered Union Flag is considered a treasure by the RAF Museum in this exciting new blog about the Sir Alan Cobham...
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Daily maintenance routine for the Dornier Do 17

17th March 2014

Day to day work in and around the Hydration Tunnels is primarily carried out by teams of MBCC Apprentices. However, the daily work...
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Introducing the Sir Alan Cobham Collection

5th March 2014

In September we will be unveiling a signature exhibition about one of Britain’s greatest aviator's - Sir Alan Cobham.
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Dornier Do17 Small Artefacts Conservation

27th February 2014

In her blog entry Bethany Colburn explains the processes of conserving smaller artefacts retrieved from the Dornier Do17.
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How digital has brought the world the Dornier 17

19th February 2014

In this blog entry Tracy Spaight, Director of Special Projects at explains the importance of digital technology for...
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Pilots of the Caribbean - The Sword of Honour

1st November 2013

Whilst researching for 'Pilots of the Caribbean' we came across many personal stories. This one, by co-incidence, has a connection...
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Volunteer Support of Dornier 17 Conservation

9th September 2013

A great deal of work has taken place involving a lot of people to get the aircraft to Cosford both in raising funds and the salvage...
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My Dornier experience by Apprentice Alex Weston

25th July 2013

After a huge amount of waiting, build-up and planning I was asked to be part of the away team tasked with going to Ramsgate Harbour...
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Dornier 17 Separation at Ramsgate

28th June 2013

In this post Darren Priday looks back to when the team prepared the Dornier 17 for transportation to Cosford.
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The Dornier 17 as it was lifted from the seabed

18th June 2013

In this blog post we re-visit the moment the Dornier 17 was raised from the seabed of Goodwin Sands in Kent.
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The Museum pays its respects

11th June 2013

Yesterday as the attempt started to lift the Dornier 17 the Royal Air Force Museum paid its respects to one of the Dornier 17's fallen...
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The Dornier 17 Project - New Lift Attempt Today

10th June 2013

The Royal Air Force Museum has identified two weather windows in which to attempt the raising of the Dornier 17.
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About this evening's successful Dornier lift

10th June 2013

Peter Dye, Director General of the Royal Air Force Museum, makes a statement about this evenings successful operation.
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