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A poignant coincidence

27th May 2015

A poignant story behind a recent art exhibition and a microfilmed flying book
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Money talks

21st May 2015

In his blog Martin Ward reveals some interesting stories behind currency items held in the Museum's reserve collection.
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A force for good: RAF Humanitarian aid work

13th May 2015

In her latest blog Nina Hadaway highlights the humanitarian work undertaken by the RAF.
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A Forgotten Few: Austro-Hungarian Fighters

7th May 2015

In his latest blog for the Museum, Julian Hale explores the fighter aircraft of Austro-Hungarian Empire.
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A Closer Look At Cockpits

5th May 2015

In her latest blog, India Burchell, describes her visit to a London Open Cockpits Evening
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The Forgotten Father of the Royal Air Force

28th April 2015

Volunteer George Mason looks at the forgotten life of one of the founders of the Royal Air Force
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100 First World War Objects - Your Favourite?

21st April 2015

The Painting Noon - which can be viewed in our First World War in the Air exhibition
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Flying boats over the Western Approaches

14th April 2015

The Scilly Isles were an important base for flying boats patrolling the seas off south west Britain during the First World War
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Nothing but the maker's name...

7th April 2015

The lettering on a missile captured in the first Gulf War shows some of the problems different languages and alphabets create for...
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Developing a New Workshop

31st March 2015

Sometimes workshop development does not always go has the initial plan starts out. Our new workshop Discovery Cases took shape almost...
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Digital Restoration of First World War Photos

24th March 2015

How images used in the First World War in the Air exhibition were tidied up to look their best.
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A question of aircraft recognition

17th March 2015

Bryan Legate explores one of the more intriguing enquiries recently received by the Department of Research
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Black Cats Art Project At Orion Primary School

12th March 2015

An volunteer's insight into an art project at Orion Primary School for the new First World War Temporary Exhibition 'Defying Gravity'.
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A Whole lot of 'Ging Gang Gooley'

9th March 2015

In her latest blog Claire Madge looks at how the Museum's London site cared for 1,000 visiting Cub Scouts
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Trolleybus to Singapore

2nd March 2015

Andy Simpson's passion for all things on rails leads him to explore artefacts related to RAF stations in Singapore.
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