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Percy the parachuting penguin

23rd January 2015

In this blog we explore the amazing history behind one of our lucky charms on display at Cosford.
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A Family Visit on Disabled Access Day

20th January 2015

In her latest blog Claire Madge narrates her family's experience of Disabled Access Day at our London site.
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Eagles, Camels and Fokkers

15th January 2015

Brendan O'Gorman gives an insight into the work of the apprentices at RAF Museum London.
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2015 Public Events: My Highlights

9th January 2015

A few personal picks from this year's Public Events programme.
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How to Dress a Mannequin

7th January 2015

In her latest blog Claire Madge looks at the impact mannequins make to the First World War in the Air exhibition.
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A look back at 2014

5th January 2015

It certainly was a busy year for the Corporate Events Team. We have helped to host a variety of events during 2014 including meetings,...
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Casualty Plaques of the McCudden family

1st January 2015

Martin Ward details some of the research undertaken on objects in the Museum's reserve store in Stafford.
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Sir Alan Cobham's Flying Circus Exhibition Opens

29th December 2014

See some of the amazing items on display in this new exhibition celebrating the life of Sir Alan Cobham.
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The Indestructible Alkemade

24th December 2014

An enquiry received by the Museum lead curator Guy Revell to uncover a remarkable story of survival
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Family memories - voices from the past

22nd December 2014

In her latest blog, Claire Madge listens to the voices of the past talking loud and clear in our First World War in the Air exhibition.
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An interview with Captain Eric "Winkle" Brown

18th December 2014

Curator Nick Sturgess writes about the recent interview he had with Capt Eric "Winkle" Brown for the Museum's oral history project.
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Christmas Cards from the Archives

9th December 2014

A look at some of the more interesting Christmas cards held in the Museum's Archives collection.
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Blowing Glass Poppies - Part 2

5th December 2014

In October I introduced a learning project at Cosford working with the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies...
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So do you want to be Blogger in Residence ?

2nd December 2014

In her first blog as, Blogger in Residence for the Museum, Claire Madge ponders the challenge of writing about the First World War...
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Letters from Aden

27th November 2014

This collection of letters written by LAC William Stephen Wheeler to his pen pal Phillipa Nelson tells of his experiences as a National...
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