Calling all Year 10 STEM Teachers!

If you are a Year 10 STEM teacher who has a talented student in your class then you may be interested in the amazing opportunity that Northrop Grumman, through its charity, the Northrop Grumman Foundation has developed in conjunction with the Royal Air Force Museum – a totally free week long STEM summer school at RAF Cosford for 14 -15 year olds who are passionate about STEM.

Having learnt about last summer’s pilot programme I believe that this is an unique opportunity for all 14 and 15 year olds who dream about forging a future career for themselves in aerospace,
science, technology or engineering. By participating in our programme, all students will enjoy a rare and invaluable experience while at the same time taking an important first step in their chosen STEM career.

The STAAR Logo

Listening to those students who took part in last year’s pilot programme it is clear that taking part in our Summer Time Advanced Aerospace Residency is an opportunity not to be missed:

– “It’s been amazing!”

– “One of the most valuable weeks I’ve ever had.”

– A “once in a lifetime opportunity which cannot be taken for granted.”

That’s how our first recruits describe their experience with our new STAAR Programme.

Students from last year's pilot programme working as a team to solve a real life problem

So what is STAAR? Essentially it is a fully-funded week-long fully immersive and hands-on residential STEM course. Students will live together at Cosford’s Royal Air Force Base, and will be immersed into 5 days of STEM workshops at the end of which they will present their findings to the course’s judges and family at an awards ceremony.

Throughout the week they will learn from RAF Museum STEM Ambassadors, industry experts, and RAF personnel and will work with some of the most innovative and cutting edge technologies on the planet. Everyday activities will include the exploration of advanced aerospace concepts and design and their evolution and future; discovery – the history and science behind things; working on the real aircraft engines (a particular favourite amongst the girls in last year’s group); flying drones and solving real-life challenges based on real-life missions such as organising an evacuation during an earthquake.

Developing strategy while working with robots!

The Programme will also help your students develop their critical thinking and team-building skills, important life-skills to have. But most importantly of all students will have the opportunity to make new friends from different backgrounds while having endless fun.

At the end of the STAAR Programme each team will present their newly acquired knowledge and achievements in front of their friends and family at the Museum’s Cosford Lecture Theatre in a final awards ceremony.

 Students from last year's pilot programme attempting a rescue from an earthquake zone and flying drones

If you have a 10 Year student, interested in STEM and dreaming about developing innovations, pushing the boundaries and creating the next-generation technologies, our new STAAR Programme is for them.

We are currently offering 20 fully-funded places from 16-20 July and 23-27 July available for 10 Year students, who are interested in how things work, and have great problem-solving skills a can-do attitude and willingness to learn the new things and work as a team.

Applications must be made by you, their teacher, or a school representative using a school email address, after consultation with the nominated student and their parents by no later than 7 May. Applications are open for any talented Year 10 STEM student within the United Kingdom.

For frequently asked questions about the course and an example time-table please visit

We look forward to welcoming the U.K’s next generation of STEM STAARs.

 Students from last year's pilot programme being briefed for a challenge at RAF Cosford

The STAAR Programme is brought to you by Northrop Grumman, with the support of the Northrop Grumman Foundation, and in partnership with the RAF Museum. It is being delivered by the Museum, Royal Air Force Cosford and Tablet Academy.

Our partners in delivering the STAAR Programme - Northrop Grumman, the Royal Air Force, and Tablet Academy

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