The Spitfire 10K – Running in Honour of The Few!

The RAF 100 Appeal logoThe Spitfire 10K run was established at the RAF Museum, London in 2015 as part of the Battle of Britain 75 Anniversary, to remember the men and women who lost their lives during this highly significant moment in our history. The success of the event has enabled us to extend the offer to our site in Cosford. Since 2015 over 2,500 people have completed the Spitfire 10K.

This year the Royal Air Force marks it’s 100th Birthday. In this special year the Museum will be commemorating and inspiring future generations with the stories of the RAF.

Take part in the Spitfire 10K

Each runner who enters is given a very special name to wear during their run. This name holds incredible significance as someone who was fought and flew during the Battle of Britain. The RAF Museum aims to inspire people from all walks of life with the amazing stories associated with these names. Many of our runners will research the name and discover a story, and a life, they never knew. By running the Spitfire 10K with this name pinned to their running vest we are enabling these men and women to be remembered.

Just some of the names in the Spitfire10K Roll of Honour

One runner commented:

‘I just wanted to say thank you so much for organising a great event…. I do a few 10K’s a year…. this was one of my favourite… I really liked running for someone who fell in the Battle of Britain. We researched the names when we got home and it really helped me keep going knowing I was representing someone.’ Sioned Mair Taylor.

Many runners choose to run the Spitfire 10K in fancy dress

Many runners choose to dress in style and run the Spitfire 10K in 1940s costumes or flying gear. It is a great day and an event that runners remember.

This year the Spitfire 10K will form part of a series of events taking place across the country celebrating and commemorating the history and achievements of the Royal Air Force and inspiring young people. It is an opportunity to raise vital funds for the RAF100 Appeal, which is a joint venture between the Royal Air Force and the four major RAF charities – the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, the Royal Air Forces Association, the Royal Air Force Charitable Trust and the Royal Air Force Museum.

The aim of the Appeal is to raise money for the RAF family and to create a lasting legacy as we celebrate 100 years of the Royal Air Force in 2018.

Just one of our runners in Fancy DressA group of runners in fancy dress

If you would like to enter the Spitfire 10K there is still time to register at either London or Cosford. The races take place on the 1 and 2 September 2018. For more information about the cost of entry, times, t-shirts and sponsorship please visit our website.

Participants of the Cosford Spitfire 10k

About the Author

Ella Hewitt: RAF Museum Public Events Manager

As Museum Public Events Manager, for the Museum in London, I am responsible for producing exciting events that share the RAF story in engaging ways, such as Open Cockpits, Airfix Make and Take and the Spitfire 10K.