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  • 'For all the women in the RAF who went before me and made my service possible' (Head and Breast Set)  
  • 'Dedicated to all Caribbean aircrew of the RAF, 1939-1945' (Jamaica Uniform Badge)  
  • ‘To our dad/grandad/great grandad who was sergeant pilot on J Jane when the plane was shot down.’ (Percy the Penguin)  
  • ‘In memory of my father, wartime Hurricane pilot and cat lover’ (Twinkletoes the Cat)  
  • 'To all RAF personnel in the WW2 who made the impossible. With them even penguins could fly' (Percy the Penguin)  
  • 'We must preserve all aspects of aviation history' (Twinkletoes the Cat)  
  • 'Lest we forget all the little underappreciated jobs that make the world go around' (Elsanol Chemical Toilet Fluid)  
  • 'Fly to the Moon and back' (Aircraft Lapel badge)  
  • Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward. For there you have been, and there you will always long to return’ (Spitfire Windscreen)  
  • 'To inspire the next generation' (Head and Breast Set)  
  • 'An amazing invention, by an amazing person adopted for 2 amazing people. Anything is possible. Follow your dreams' (Enigma Machine)  
  • ‘Immense gratitude to all the men and women of the Royal Air Force. Your valiant dedication and sacrifice will never be forgotten.’ (Teddy Cooper)  
  • ‘May we all remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice’ (Bomb Disposal Armband)  

Iconic and fascinating objects from the Museum’s collection

The RAF Museum collection includes over 1.3 million objects, ranging in size from lapel badges to aircraft, and spans more than a century of aviation history.  Adopt an Artefact highlights a range of iconic and fascinating objects from the Museum’s collection, each representing some of the greatest stories ever told.

Adopt an Artefact is supported by the Museum’s Collections Online through which you can discover and explore our unique collection.

You can adopt an artefact on an individual, or corporate basis, for yourself or as a gift for someone else.  Simply browse through our list of over 50 of the best-loved objects from our collection, available across three different tiers, starting at £25.00.

Your support will help us to continue to share the RAF Story – past, present and future – to engage, inspire and encourage learning for current and future generations.

If you would like to find out more, or would love to adopt an object not listed please email us and we will review your request.

Red Arrows Flying Suit

Over 50 objects

Browse over 50 best-loved objects from our collection


Choose the object you would like to adopt. There really is something for everyone, from a stunning RAF evening bag to a Red Arrows flying suit. You will receive a digital image of your adoption along with a certificate. Online recognition of your adoption, will be listed on Collections Online.

Starting at £25

Adoptions available across three different tiers and start at £25


Simply click on the ‘Adopt Me’ button and complete your donation. If you are adopting your object for a gift you can leave a message to be included in the dedication. Please don’t forget to add Gift Aid which will increase your donation by 25% for no extra cost.

Unique collection

Discover and explore our unique collection


Our Standard and Enhanced tiers range from £25 to £2,000. If you have chosen an object from the Standard tier, adoption can be made by several people. Enhanced tier items are all for one adoptee only. If you are interested in adopting one of our Exclusive tier please email

Your adoption details

By adopting one of our iconic items you are playing a crucial role in helping us share the greatest stories ever told.

Each adoptee will receive a digital image of their adoption along with a certificate. Recognition of the adoption, including your name and an optional dedication message, will be listed on Collections Online. You will also receive tailored communication throughout the year about your adoption! Click here to see an example of the certificate and digital image received with your adoption.

Once you have completed your adoption, your digital certificate and image will be emailed to you, please allow up to five working days.  If you have made the adoption as a gift, details of the gift will be taken after purchase.  We will send the certificate and image out to you, with the gift recipient’s name included, which you can then give as a present.

Adoptions last 12 months from the purchase date.  The Museum may remove items from display temporarily or permanently for essential operational or conservation reasons.  Please check on our website for current location if you are travelling to see your object.

If you would like to adopt an object in the Standard tier exclusively, please do email us.

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