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Summer Time Advanced Aerospace Residency - 2018

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Applications for the 2018 residency are now closed, we have been delighted with the interest we have received for this year.  Details of the 2019 STAAR Programme will be available here in the summer.

The STAAR (Summer Time Advanced Aerospace Residency) Programme is brought to you by Northrop Grumman, with the support of the Northrop Grumman Foundation, and in partnership with the RAF Museum.  It is being delivered by the Museum, Royal Air Force Cosford and Tablet Academy.

STAAR is designed for Year 10 students who demonstrate an interest or aptitude for one or more STEM subjects. It is a fully-funded immersive week-long, hands-on residential camp, like no other. Successful students stay with chaperones on base at RAF Cosford, and each day of the course is delivered at the RAF Museum or on base at RAF Cosford by RAF Museum STEM Ambassadors, industry experts from Northrop Grumman, and RAF STEM personnel.

STAAR Recruits will learn about advanced aerospace systems and concepts and will address how the need for solutions to achieve an air mission shapes the way engineers and scientists design aerospace systems.


STAAR 2018 runs during the following weeks:
16 - 20 July and 23 - 27 July 
Recruits will be introduced to historical missions and aircraft design at the RAF Museum; and with the guidance of aerospace engineers and teaching professionals, our STAAR Recruits will be taught about concepts such as wing design; hypersonics; power generation; how payloads affect weight and balance; innovative new materials and technologies; and the capabilities an aerospace system requires to achieve the mission and the overall effect.  

They will also explore current threat environments and potential future scenarios.  With their new knowledge and skills, our recruits will be set challenges of their own – to work through their team’s mission and design their very own advanced aerospace systems solutions. 

Get ready for take-off with the STAAR Programme.

The programme is funded by the Northrop Grumman Foundation and all places on the STAAR programme are provided free to the selected students.



Students working with a remote control robot    Students working with a remote control robot    Students in a helicopter at RAF Cosford


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