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Help us choose 'The People's Spitfire Pilot'

Published on: 12 September 2017

The Royal Air Force Museum's  RAF Centenary logoNext year the Royal Air Force will be celebrating it's 100th anniversary. 

To mark the occasion, the RAF Museum will open a landmark RAF Centenary Exhibition in 2018, 'RAF : The First 100 Years' – and we would like your input on what should go in it.

With the amazing support of The Daily Telegraph we are asking you to vote to choose which of the many heroic Spitfire Mk V pilots the exhibition will highlight.

Simply click on your favourite story to have your say

On the selection criteria, RAF Museum curator, Peter Devitt says: "We have made no attempt to give you a list of the greatest pilots. You can find that anywhere on the internet. Instead we’ve selected a wide, and perhaps surprising, range of people who flew the type to demonstrate to people of all walks that the RAF is relevant to them, and by extension the RAF Museum’s Centenary Exhibition also has something for everyone."

So instead of judging on how many enemy aircraft were destroyed by each pilot, we want you to base your selection on which individual story captivates you the most. Also, due to the success of last year's 'Pilots of the Caribbean' exhibit, the Museum has decided to include non-British pilots.  Anyone who fought to protect us and keep us safe qualifies for inclusion on the list which has been compiled by Museum staff, academic and popular historians. 

An artist's impression of what the Defence section of  RAF:  The First 100 Years will look like

Once the votes have been counted an image of the winner will then be turned into a life-sized cut-out to stand beside the iconic Spitfire VB BL614 in the new exhibition gallery; all the pilots in the poll will be commemorated in the Museum's online project 'RAF Stories'.

To view the list, please go to 'The People's Spitfire Pilot'.

An artist's impression of what our new Main Entrance will look like in 2018

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