RAF Museum announces partnership with Colindale Primary School for RAF Centenary

Published on: 20 March 2017

2018 marks the Centenary of the Royal Air Force and the award-winning RAF Museum will celebrate and commemorate this anniversary through a major transformation of our visitor experience sharing the RAF story on site and online.
The Staff and pupils of Colindale Primary School
The multi-million-pound transformation of the RAF Museum has already begun and the site is gearing up to welcome visitors to discover a new green heart of the community in Colindale, reflecting the historic RAF Hendon airfield.  
As part of the initiative to reflect our local community the Museum has partnered up with Colindale Primary School with a series of initiatives that aim to bring the two organisations closer together while also engaging the surrounding area.

The pupils of Colindale Primary SchoolActivities will include the publishing of blogs from the schoolchildren on the Museum’s website, STEM talks and tours of the developing site along with talks on safety. 

The first project being worked on is designs for hoarding banners that will brighten up the Museum whilst re-landscaping work is being completed. The school recently visited the Museum for a day of inspiration and will be coming up with a design soon!

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