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Downloadable Resources for Families

Take flight and reach new heights with our fun and creative online resources! These resources are free to download for schools and families to utilise at school or home and support further learning.

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Carer's Week 2024

At our Midlands site, we have two groups every month specifically for carers: Carer's Social and Carer's Café.

Carer's Social

Carer's Social is a relaxed social time to meet and chat with other carers at the Museum, and takes place on the first Friday of the month from 10:30-12:30.

Carer's Café

Carer's Café is a programmed session with an activity, and takes place on the third Friday of the month from 10:30-12:30.

Carer's Week 2024 Resource

Recently, one of our group members met with her carer friends to hear about how they cope with challenging days, and how friends and family can help. See their thoughts below: 

Carer's Week 2024 Resource

To ask us anything about our regular programming for carers please email

D-Day Reconnaissance Challenge

The 6 June, 2024 marks the 80th anniversary of D-Day, which was the first day of the landings in Normandy. D-Day was a turning point in the Second World War and signaled the beginning of the Allied liberation of Western Europe.

Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to complete the reconnaissance challenge below to help the Royal Air Force decipher important intelligence from France!

D-Day Reconnaissance Challenge

D-Day Reconnaissance Challenge - Answers

This is an image of a Red Arrow Hawk aircraft, flying alongside a rainbow.

Flags are used to show identity - the United Kingdom uses the Union Jack flag for example! 

One of the most famous examples of identity flags is the LGBTQ+ rainbow coloured flag - it is recognised internationally as being a special symbol of the community. 

Why not create your own identity flag - in celebration of Pride Month? Download our worksheet below and share your creations with us on social media @rafmlearning

Download Pride Flag Activity Pack

Why not take 10 minutes out of your day for mindfulness and do something positive that will make you happy? 

Take part in our 30 days of mindfulness challenge - you can download our digital template here. You can respond to the prompt in any way you want; sketch, paint, write - let your creativity fly! 

Tag us in your creations on Twitter and Facebook - we would love to share what you have done!

Dive back in time and explore stories of the past. Our Second World War scenarios will help you do that. Watch our short clips and discover the real life stories inspired by some of the aircraft in our collection. Use our handy storyboard to piece together the puzzle.

Investigate a story surrounding the famous de Havilland Mosquito, an adaptable RAF aircraft from the Second World War or a Vickers Wellington, a large RAF bomber aircraft from the Second World War. You will be guided through the story, until the vital moment… and then it all stops. It’s down to you to finish off the story using your imagination. We encourage drawings to go along with your ending. Don’t worry though, we will tell you the real end of the story so you can see how close you were. Let your imaginations fly.

Click here to see the Mosquito video!

A Discovery Through History - Mosquito Transcript (pdf, 75kb)

Click here to see the Wellington video!

A Discovery Through History - Wellington Transcript (pdf, 911kb)

The RAF Museum’s writer in residence – children’s author Tom Palmer – has collaborated with the RAF Youth STEM Team to create two short stories set in the Second World War. Based around famous inventions and their innovators during the wartime period, both stories are accompanied by STEM activities designed by the RAF Museum.

The Letter (pdf 328kb)

Miss Shilling’s Guide to Problem Solving (pdf 324kb)

The RAF Museum's Children's Author in Residence, Tom Palmer, has written a time-travelling short story commemorating the 80th anniversary of that significant turning point in British history - the Battle of Britain

Join Yusra, Lily and Danny on their amazing adventures in 'The Spitfire Fund'. 

Make, bake and create with us by trying out our family-friendly activities. These hands-on sessions are all easily facilitated with everyday items that you find in your home. Each activity has relevant curriculum links for various school subjects, and has downloadable instructions and templates. 

Activity 1 - Make your own parachute

RAF Museum Parachute Instructions (pdf 763kb) 

Children will gain an understanding of the forces that impact on a parachute whilst investigating the suitability of a variety of materials.

Activity 2 - Design your own RAF Museum Poster

RAF Museum Poster Activity (pdf 108kb) 

In this creative activity, you will design a poster for the Royal Air Force Museum by highlighting the collections that we have on display, and some of the fun activities that people can take part in on a visit.

Activity 3 - Curate your own Mini Museum

RAF Museum 'Mini Museum' Activity (pdf 507kb)

All museums are home to fantastic collections of different items from
all over the world. The Royal Air Force Museum shares the story of the
Royal Air Force using our collections. You can make your own mini
museum and tell your own exciting stories using the guide.Activity 4 - Junk Modelling 

RAF Museum Junk Modelling Challenge (pdf 980kb)

You can imagine, design and create a model of an aircraft using
recyclable materials.

Activity 5 - Colouring Activity 

RAF Museum Colouring Activity (pdf 406kb)

Bring the Royal Air Force to life by colouring in these drawings of pilots and aircraft of the Second World War.

Activity 6 - Explore forced perspective in photography

RAF Museum Forced Perspective Activity (pdf 1017kb)

Learners will grasp a better understanding of forced perspective by utilising scientific knowledge, maths skills and spatial awareness to create a range of fun images

Activity 7 - Build a helicopter spinner

RAF Museum Helicopter Spinner Instructions and Template (pdf 439kb)

Develop scientific knowledge using paper helicopters to demonstrate the science of forces and motion.

Activity 8 - Design a paper plane

RAF Museum Paper Aeroplane Instructions and Templates (pdf 222kb)

Investigate how wing design can affect the flight of a paper aeroplane. Focussing on the science of forces and motion.

Activity 9 - Cook traditional Second World War

Second World War Traditional Recipes (pdf 222kb)

This is a practical hands-on session in which students will learn about preparing and cooking a variety of dishes. They will learn about measurements, and a brief history of rationing in the Second World War.

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