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RAF Inspired : The Furniture Makers

14 March - 30 September 2018

Daily from 10.00am
In the Museum's Art Gallery


Rycotewood Furniture Centre has been a highly respected institution for the past 75 years and holds on to its strong roots in skilled craftsmanship and woodworking.  Its students are currently working with the Royal Air Force Museum to develop a series of public seating as part of this year’s RAF Centenary as part of the Museum's Historic Hendon Project. 

A concept drawing by one of the students

The main aspect of this brief was for students to find something within the Museum that inspired them, whether it was the aircraft itself, the people behind the RAF or perhaps the grounds and local area. The Museum gave a series of presentations about the RAF's Centenary Project and students were then free to wander the Hangars, sketch and explore what intrigued them.
An example of some of the maquettes that will be on display

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