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 How to reach us

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RAF Museum London
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At the RAF Museum, a former airfield, you can fly into history. Immerse yourself in the stories of brave pilots, engineers, and heroes to discover the adventures of men and women through the RAF Museum’s exciting and unique stories. Explore local history where it happened, through the museum’s award winning, exciting, and engaging learning programmes. Whether it’s comparing materials that made magnificent flying machines; presenting mystery objects; dressing in real pilot uniforms from WWII; plotting strategy in a WWII operations room; creating fuselage, firing rockets, or exploring atmospheric pressure; playing pilots in mini planes, there’s something to guarantee fascinating, immersive learning. The team explores culture, diversity and social stereotypes to gain a wider view of history of the RAF, the UK, democracy and diversity – there’s something to entice everyone, both onsite and streamed to your classroom. (Caroline Marcus - Sandford Judge)