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Unable to visit an air museum at the moment?

You can invite a member of the Museum’s Learning team along to one of your online meetings.
Email for further details and our online Safeguarding agreement.

You can request access to our exciting ‘Fantastic Flight’ video – ideal for your Beavers:

From the Wright Brothers to supersonic flight, find out how planes fly and how designs have changed. This video explores 100 years of flight, finding out about our amazing aircraft and sharing real-life stories from the RAF.

Video cost £20. Click here to make a booking.

Once you have made your booking you will be sent the link and password needed to watch the video.


Our worksheets have been designed to be used at the Museum. They will help your pack complete their Air Activities Badges by discovering, collecting and sharing stories and information.

Stage 1: Air Activities Badge

Stage 2: Air Activities Badge

Stage 3: Air Activities Badge