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Our grand re-opening will be 30 June at 10.00am
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Your enjoyment

Your enjoyment during your visit is of paramount importance to us.

Your enjoyment, and the enjoyment of all our visitors, is of paramount importance to us.

We would therefore politely ask that you familiarise yourself with our Conditions of Entry before visiting the Museum for your own safety and comfort and the safety and comfort of our other patrons.

  1. The Trustees and Staff of the Royal Air Force Museum reserve all rights of admission to the Museum and its grounds. This extends to excluding those who are in breach of the following Conditions.
  2. Visitors are required to conduct themselves in a manner that allows others to enjoy the facilities and to respect the needs of others.
  3. The Museum has a duty to preserve the objects on display and unless there is an invitation to the contrary they should not be touched by any visitor.
  4. Children and persons under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  5. Those accompanying children and persons under 16 years will be held responsible for the behaviour of such persons.
  6. Visitors are to keep to the areas set aside as walkways.
  7. Smoking is not allowed inside any Museum building at anytime.
  8. Visitors may consume refreshments brought with them only in the picnic facilities provided in our grounds and galleries as indicated in the "Things to see and do" section of our web-site.
  9. Food and drink must be consumed only in the areas set aside for such use - not within the exhibit areas.
  10. Animals, other than registered Assistance Dogs accompanying their owners, are not allowed inside any building.
  11. The use of radios and the playing of recorded sound material or musical instruments are not allowed anywhere in the Museum or its grounds except by prior written agreement.
  12. Photography, including filming, the taking of digital images and the use of flash, is permitted, but solely for private use. Prior written agreement is required for any form of photography, image taking, or sound recording for any type of commercial use, including but not restricted to advertising, trade or other business use.

The Trustees and Staff of the Royal Air Force Museum endeavour to take all steps to ensure the safety and security of all, and ask that all visitors do nothing that places themselves or others in danger or at risk.

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