Key Stage 2

Air Raid Warden standing in a 1940s room with a mirror behind him
Air Raid! (KS2)

How did people stay safe during Second World War air raids?

National Curriculum Links: History

Second World War Tour (KS2)

Which amazing planes were used in the Second World War and what roles did they play?

National Curriculum Links: History

Wartime Classroom (KS2)

What was life like for school children during the Second World War?

National Curriculum Links: History

Science Show (KS2)

How do aircraft fly and how can we survive up high?

National Curriculum Links: Science

Your Local History (KS2)

How has aviation impacted your local area? (Hendon and Hatfield)

National Curriculum Links: Local History

Hands-on History: First World War (KS2)

How were aeroplanes used in the First World War?

National Curriculum Links: History

Battle of Britain (Upper KS2)

Were pilots the only heroes of the Battle of Britain?

National Curriculum Links: Theme in British History

Pilots of the Caribbean (Upper KS2)

What roles and contributions have men and women of African and Caribbean descent played in the RAF?

National Curriculum Links: History and Citizenship

Pilots Skills (Coding) (Upper KS2)

Do you have the skills needed to be a pilot?

National Curriculum Links: Computing

Sky Writing (Upper KS2)

What can diaries, letters and memoirs tell us about the experiences of the men and women of the RAF?

National Curriculum Links: Literacy and History


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The Writing Workshop was a really engaging, fast-moving session, that left plenty of time for writing at the end. We've been able to use it in subsequent teaching with the children.