Key Stage 3

Under Pressure (KS3)

Why don’t pilots die?

National Curriculum Links: Science

Science Show (KS3)

How do aircraft fly and how can we survive up high?

National Curriculum Links: Science

Flight Factory Challenge (KS3)

Can your team design and build the strongest aircraft structure?

National Curriculum Links: Design and Technology

Flying Colours (KS3/4)

What roles and contributions have ethnically diverse men and women played in the RAF?

National Curriculum Links: History and Citizenship

Hands-on History (KS3/4)

How was the RAF involved in key moments of British history such as the First World War or the Battle of Britain?

National Curriculum Links: History

Debate Space ( Upper KS3 and KS4/5)

Is artificial intelligence taking over our world?

National Curriculum Links: Debate Skills

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The interactive elements and the workshop in particular were fantastic! Especially the [workshop leader] who ran the workshop