Teacher Reviews

What teachers are saying about our online ‘Streamed to your School’ workshops….

‘Thanks so much – very stimulating for the class and it generated a lot of class discussion. We particularly liked the ‘guess the object’ section’ (Air Raid) Year 5 Teacher, Nancy Reuben Primary School

‘One of the best scripted, most engaging, fun and informative workshops.’ (Pilots of the Caribbean) KS2 Teacher

‘This was a really thoughtful workshop that introduced to the children key questions about bravery and about groups of people they wouldn’t have investigated before.’ (Battle of Britain) Year 5 Teacher, John Hampden Primary School

‘This had a very positive impact upon our pupils as they wanted to research further into various types of planes/pilots.’ (Fantastic Flight) KS1 Teacher

‘This session really helped them understand what an air raid was like for local residents. It also helped place our class novel Goodnight Mister Tom into historical context. Thank you.’ (Air Raid) Year 6 Teacher, Mayfield Primary

‘We come every year to the Museum and do the Air Raid workshop. We were not sure what to expect from an online session but we thought this was excellent covering all the information (plus more) we get from coming to the museum. The only thing we missed was seeing the planes!’ (Air Raid) Year 4 Teacher

‘It was absolutely wonderful. Informative, engaging and extremely well put together. We cannot fault any aspect of the workshop.’ (Pilots of the Caribbean) Year 6 Teacher

‘They learnt so much and it will definitely impact their story writing.’ (Air Raid) KS2 Teacher

‘Great knowledge shared by the host with interesting videos to match.’ (Battle of Britain) Year 6 Teacher, Edward Betham Primary