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What teachers are saying about our online and onsite workshops….

Thanks so much – very stimulating for the class and it generated a lot of class discussion. We particularly liked the ‘guess the object’ section.

Air Raid (Online), Year 5 Teacher, Nancy Reuben Primary School

The guide was great, the staff were very welcoming and helpful, meeting us off the minibuses and taking us straight to the lock up room for bags and giving directions and later checking in was all much appreciated and made it all very smooth.

Fantastic Flight (Onsite), Year 2 Teacher, All Saints' C of E Primary School (N20)

This was a really thoughtful workshop that introduced to the children key questions about bravery and about groups of people they wouldn’t have investigated before.

Battle of Britain (Online), Year 5 Teacher, John Hampden Primary School

The children LOVED it! The changes made to the museum since our last visit were superb. The facilities for eating lunch, the playground, the toilets and of course the excellent start to our morning with [the workshop leader] who gave us a wonderful workshop. All of these things ensured the children were excited and most importantly happy all day long. To follow a child around who just kept saying WOW WOW WOW, was a wonderful thing to see!

Magnificent Materials (Onsite), Year 1 Teacher

This had a very positive impact upon our pupils as they wanted to research further into various types of planes/pilots.

Fantastic Flight (Online), KS1 Teacher

It definitely helped them to imagine what school life and classrooms were like during the 1940s. The experience also developed their enthusiasm for our WW2 topic.

Wartime Classroom (Onsite), Year 6 Teacher, St Theresa's RC Primary School

This session really helped them understand what an air raid was like for local residents. It also helped place our class novel Goodnight Mister Tom into historical context. Thank you.

Air Raid (Online), Year 6 Teacher, Mayfield Primary

Every bit was excellent. Our guided session was fantastic, the children loved the presenter. Volunteers who met us at the gate were extremely helpful and friendly, and really engaged the children. All of the children say they'd like to come back again!

Air Raid (Onsite), KS2 Teacher, London Christian School

It was absolutely wonderful. Informative, engaging and extremely well put together. We cannot fault any aspect of the workshop.

Pilots of the Caribbean (Online), Year 6 Teacher

The scope and size of the museum and the planes hooked the kids immediately. The workshop was well organised and the staff all very efficient and friendly.

Wartime Classroom (Onsite), Year 4 Teacher

Students, especially today, need to apply the knowledge they acquire. Interaction with the table enabled students to interpret information supplied and make inferences and presentations to other students, no matter what they actually believed beforehand. Watching the application of skills and stepping-up into roles they often do not assume in class was tremendous.

Debate Space (Onsite) BELS Blog https://www.bels.org.uk/post/inaugural-ks5-event-at-the-raf-museum-debate-space-helps-sixth-form-students-develop-key-skills

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