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What teachers are saying about our online and onsite workshops….

A lovely day with very informative and kind staff that helped us at the beginning and after our workshop. Thank you to everyone! (It helped that the sun was shining as well.)

Battle of Britain (Onsite), Year 6 Teacher

It was a very good day, we did not know about the museum before booking the visit but it is definitely a great trip which we will be looking to run again for future years!

Under Pressure (Onsite), Adam Higgins, The Royal Liberty School

The museum was amazing. Tony who guided our WW2 session was amazing and really engaged well with the children. We all had a great time!

SEN - Hands-on History: First World War (Onsite), Lulu Robinson, The Village School

Year 4 had a fantastic day. We were met by a well organised team who explained how to use the facilities. The schools lunch room was clean and spacious. The children really enjoyed exploring the hangers while filling out the scavenger sheets sourced from the website. Thank you!

Self-Guided Visit, Faye Jones, Giles Junior School

I think that the workshop leader was fantastic - she explained about each historical figure really well, was able to interact with our students in an approachable way that engaged them and the students had lots of fun.

Flying Colours (Onsite), Year 9 Teacher, Ruislip High School

The workshop was excellent and we would thoroughly recommend it - the children having the opportunity to interact with artefacts whilst immersing themselves in the learning and then having the opportunity to share what they had looked at was brilliant. All other aims were met so it was a successful trip and one we would hope to repeat in future.

Battle of Britain (Onsite), Rebecca Klust, Morgans Primary School

Children really engaged with the workshop and had a fantastic time discussing questions and presenting the stories of the RAF heroes. Most of our children are new to England and this was the perfect opportunity to experience learning first hand.

Battle of Britain (Onsite), Year 6 Teacher

This was an excellent workshop. The children were fully engaged and loved the museum tour as well as the opportunity to ask questions.

Fantastic Flight (Online), Jacqui Messenger, Parkside Community Primary School

They enjoyed learning about the people and understood the role that black people have played in the RAF. They learnt about the colour bar and understood what this was.

Pilots of the Caribbean (Online), Laurie Carter, Coopers Lane Primary School

Year 2 really enjoyed hearing about different types of planes and it linked in very well with their learning in class…It has provided them with some context to flight across the years since its invention.

Fantastic Flight (Online), Year 2 Teacher

Students, especially today, need to apply the knowledge they acquire. Interaction with the table enabled students to interpret information supplied and make inferences and presentations to other students, no matter what they actually believed beforehand. Watching the application of skills and stepping-up into roles they often do not assume in class was tremendous.

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