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Key Stage 1

STEAM Sessions


How does a helicopter fly? What jobs can a helicopter do? Explore these questions and more as pupils get up close to our amazing helicopter collection and work scientifically to make and test paper rotors.

National Curriculum Links:  Working scientifically, everyday materials, transport.

Fantastic Flight

From the Wright Brothers to supersonic flight, find out how planes fly and how designs have changed in the last 100 years. As a grand finale, make and test fly your own glider.

National Curriculum Links: Working scientifically, events beyond living memory and changes within living memory. (This session could also link with Gateways to the World)

History Sessions

Your Local History - Aviation in North London and Hertfordshire

Aviation was huge in North London and Hertfordshire during the 20th Century. Add some real-life experiences to your Local History unit with our workshops. Explore the impact of aviation companies such as Grahame-White, Handley Page or De Havilland on your local areas.

National Curriculum Links: Local history; events beyond living memory; changes within living memory.

Remembrance Handling Collection

Find out the different ways we remember, and discuss the importance of Remembrance, using historical artefacts and arts and crafts. You will also have the opportunity to try on original uniforms.

National Curriculum Links: Methods of historical enquiry; historical perspective.


All our Key Stage 1 Sessions:

- Cost £30 per class

- Last approximately 45 minutes to an hour

- Are led by Museum staff

- Run Tuesday - Friday, 10.15am, 11.15am & 12.15pm

- Are suitable for a class size of 30