Key Stage 2

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History Sessions 


Air Raid!

Travel back to 1940 where you'll have the opportunity to meet an Air Raid Warden who will encourage you to stay safe during blackouts, gas attacks and air raids. Explore RAF roles during the Second World War and try on authentic uniforms - great for a class photo.

National Curriculum Links: History

Changing Technology and Warfare 

How has aviation technology and flight clothing developed since the First World War? This session explores these changes, going from First to Second World War and up to modern day. Set amongst our amazing aircraft collection, pupils have the opportunity to explore (and wear) flight clothing from different eras.

National Curriculum Links: History

First World War Handling Collection 

Set amongst the aircraft, find out about the changes in aircraft technology and flight clothing throughout the war.

National Curriculum Links: History

Battle of Britain Handling Collection

The Battle of Britain was the most important battle the RAF has ever faced and a turning point in the Second World War. Set amongst genuine Battle aircraft, pupils have the opportunity to explore (and wear) Battle of Britain uniforms and flight clothing - boots, life jackets, helmets etc.

National Curriculum Links: History

Your Local History - Aviation in North London and Hertfordshire 

Aviation was huge in North London and Hertfordshire during the 20th Century. Add some real-life experiences to your Local History unit with our workshops. Explore the impact of aviation companies such as Grahame-White, Handley Page and De Havilland on your local areas.

National Curriculum Links: History

Remembrance Handling Collection 

Find out the different ways we remember, and the importance of Remembrance, involving historical artefacts, arts and crafts and trying on original uniforms.

This session is only available in November.

National Curriculum Links: History & PSHE

Wartime classroom

Experience what it was like to be a pupil in a wartime classroom. Get in to character and take part in a 1940s lesson complete with a strict teacher, arithmetic and air raids. Come dressed in 1940s clothing for an even more immersive experience.

National Curriculum Links: History


STEAM Sessions

Fantastic Flight (Lower KS2)

From the Wright Brothers to supersonic flight, find out how planes fly and how designs have changed in the last 100 years. As a grand finale, make and test fly your own glider.

National Curriculum Links: Working scientifically, events beyond living memory and changes within living memory. (This session could also link with Gateways to the World.)


Give your class the opportunity to experience an exciting and interactive rocket science session. This fun, hands-on workshop gives pupils the chance to work scientifically to make and launch their own paper rockets. This session is ideal for looking at forces such as gravity, thrust and air resistance.

National Curriculum Links: DT & Science - forces and working scientifically


All our Key Stage 2 Sessions:


- Are led by Museum staff

- Are suitable for classes of up to 35 pupils

- Cost £30 per class - from September 2018, workshops will cost £60 per class (unless otherwise stated)*

- Last approximately 45 minutes to an hour

- Run Tuesday - Friday, 10.15am, 11.15am & 12.15pm

* Cancellation fees may apply - please see our FAQ page for details

If you would like to book any of these sessions, please use the online booking form which you can find on the left-hand menu.

On behalf of Meath Green Junior School, I would like to thank you and all your staff for making it a memorable and poignant visit. Our children thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciated the role of RAF in respect to the Wars. We are hoping to be returning annually.
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