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Key Stage 2

History Sessions 


Air Raid!*

Travel back to November 1940, when the Blitz was at its peak. Meet an Air Raid Warden, brave an air raid and be enlisted into the RAF and the WAAF, dressed in authentic Royal Air Force uniforms.

Cost     £30 per class

*This session is the same as our Life in the Blitz workshop (which is not available this year) but without making gas mask boxes. These boxes can be purchased to be made back at school for an additional cost of £30 per class. Please let us know when you book.

Changing Technology and Warfare

Through primary sources and historical artefacts, explore how aircraft and flight clothing has developed from 1914 to today.

Cost     £30 per class

First World War Handling Collection

Handle First World War artefacts, try on flying clothing and explore a variety of First World War aircraft and sources to piece together the role of the RFC in WW1.

Cost     £30 per class 

Handling Collection

In the shadow of one of our iconic planes, get hands on with our unique collection of uniforms, flight clothing and a range of intriguing artefacts that tell the story of the history of flight.

Cost     £30 per class 

Local history

Learn about the fascinating history of Hendon Aerodrome, and practise transferable history skills.

Cost     £30 per class 

Remembrance Handling Collection

Find out the different ways we remember, and the importance of Remembrance, involving historical artefacts, arts and crafts and trying on original uniforms.

Cost     £30 per class 

Second World War Handling Collection

Get hands on with our unique collection of uniforms, flight clothing and a range of intriguing artefacts that tell the remarkable story of the RAF during the Second World War.

Cost    £30 per class

Wartime classroom**

Head back to the Second World War to discover what school life was like during the war in an immersive, interactive experience. Battle with dip pens, ink wells and 1940s arithmetic, prepare to be evacuated and listen out for Air Raid sirens.

Cost     £60 per class

** This session will be role play only in 2017. You will be able to take the gas mask boxes back to school to make them. The session will last for approximately 45 minutes.

STEAM Sessions

Fantastic Flight (Lower KS2)

From the Wright Brothers to supersonic flight, find out how planes fly and how designs have changed in the last 100 years. As a grand finale, make and test fly your own glider.

National Curriculum Links: Working scientifically, events beyond living memory and changes within living memory. (This session could also link with Gateways to the World.)

Cost      £30 per class


Investigate rocket science then design, make and launch a paper rocket fuelled by compressed air!

Cost     £30 per class


Groups learn how parachutes work, then have the chance to make and test fly their own.

Cost     £30 per class

All our Key Stage 2 Sessions:

- Are led by Museum staff

- Are suitable for classes of up to 35 pupils