Key Stage 3

Changing Technology and Warfare
Our new Flight Factory workshop


Flight Factory

Join us in our First World War aircraft factory and take on our plane building challenge. Investigate aircraft structures and work in teams to design and build your aviation creation.

National Curriculum Links: DT

Cost £60 (1.5 hours)  From September 2018, this workshop will cost £90


Students will get the chance to investigate the science of rockets from Newton’s 3rd Law to aerodynamics and forces. Design, make and launch paper rockets, analyse the flight and make improvements for the next launch.

National Curriculum Links: Science - forces and working scientifically

Changing Technology and Warfare

In the race to gain an advantage, war is said to speed up technological innovation. Get hands on with our collection and investigate developments in the design of aircraft and flight clothing from the First World War to the present day. 

If you would like to concentrate on a specific angle or time period, please contact us.

National Curriculum Links: History & DT


First World War Handling Collection 

Students build an historical enquiry around the role of aircraft during the First World War and have the chance to handle or try on items from our handling collection. 

National Curriculum Links: History

Local History - Aviation in North London and Hertfordshire 


Explore the impact of aviation on your local areas. Companies such as Grahame-White, Handley Page and de Havilland were at the cutting edge of new technology and became major employers as the need for aircraft increased during the First and Second World Wars.

National Curriculum Links: History - a local history study


All of our Key Stage 3 workshops (unless otherwise stated):

- Are led by Museum staff

- Last approximately 45 - 60 minutes

- Cost £30 - from September 2018, workshops will cost £60 per session (unless otherwise stated)*

- Are suitable for classes of up to 30 students

- Run Tuesday - Friday, 10.15am, 11.15am & 12.15pm

* Cancellation fees may apply - please see our FAQ page for details

If you would like to book any of these sessions, please use the online booking form which you can find on the left-hand menu.
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