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Key Stage 3

Changing Technology and Warfare
Our new Flight Factory workshop

Coming in School Year 2018-19. Available to book now. Click here to make a booking.


NEW! Pilot Skills (coding) (Lower KS3) 

Do your students have what it takes to be RAF Pilots? Can they navigate their way around a complicated route and do they have lightning reflexes? Find out all of these things in our exciting workshop where students use a micro:bit and coding to test their skills. 75 minute workshop, £90 per session

National Curriculum Links: Computing (coding)


NEW! Under Pressure  

How do pilots stay alive in the air? Through taking part in experiments and getting to grips with real flight equipment, your students will discover the potentially lethal effects of changing air pressure, examine heat transfers and their effects on flight crews and explore how pilots can train their bodies to fight high G-Forces. 75 minute workshop, £90 per session

National Curriculum links: Science – Atmospheric Pressure and Pressure in Liquids, Describing Forces and Motion, Heat Transfers 


NEW! Debate Space (Upper KS3 and above) 

Are robots taking over the world? Should killer drones be allowed in our skies and should we be worried about artificial intelligence? In our purpose-built Interactive Debate Space we will help your students find out about the advantages and disadvantages of the increasing use of artificial intelligence and drones.                                                                                                                              Machines with increasing levels of automation and autonomy could be used in combat. Examine the arguments for and against and argue for your teams’ point of view. When the debate is over your students will vote on what they really think about this controversial topic and then have the opportunity to find out more about how the RAF uses new technologies such as drones and cyber warfare in the RAF: First to the Future exhibition. 75 minute workshop, £90 per session

Debate Skills, Artificial Intelligence, robotics and drones

Free booking during September and October 2018 (subject to availability)


NEW! In-school session

Pilots of the Caribbean (KS3 and KS4)

Pilots of The Caribbean is an interactive drama and engaging workshop which tells the stories of African and Caribbean RAF personnel who fought for the United Kingdom. Audiences will learn what made the early brave volunteers fight for the country that had enslaved their ancestors and what convinced those who followed them to defend their country. They will also get an opportunity to look deeper at the collection belonging to the inspiring heroes and sheroes.

Facilitated workshops looking at some of the issues raised in the drama can be run after the performance for groups of up to 35 students. The performance can also be booked as a stand-alone event.

Eligibility: Offered at your school to schools in the Greater London area. Schools outside this area can book to attend the performance and accompanying workshop at the Museum

Dates: Available Mondays during term-time

Performance: 45 minutes. Ideal for whole-year groups

Cost: £150

Add on workshop: 30 minutes each. Up to 4 classes per day (max 35 students per group)

Cost: £50 per workshop

National Curriculum Links: History & Citizenship

If you are interested in booking Pilots of the Caribbean, please email learning-london@rafmuseum.org or call 020 8358 4896.


Flight Factory

Join us in our First World War aircraft factory and take on our plane building challenge. Investigate aircraft structures and work in teams to design and build your aviation creation. 75 minute workshop, £90 per session

National Curriculum Links: DT

Until end of July 2018, this workshop will cost £60


Students will get the chance to investigate the science of rockets from Newton’s 3rd Law to aerodynamics and forces. Design, make and launch paper rockets, analyse the flight and make improvements for the next launch. Up to 1 hour workshop, £60 per session*

National Curriculum Links: Science - forces and working scientifically


Changing Technology and Warfare 

Supported by Walter Hines Page Chapter, NSDAR, London UK

In the race to gain an advantage, war is said to speed up technological innovation. Get hands on with our collection and investigate developments in the design of aircraft and flight clothing from the First World War to the present day. 

If you would like to concentrate on a specific angle or time period, please contact us. Up to 1 hour workshop, £60 per session*

National Curriculum Links: History & DT


First World War Handling Collection 

Students build an historical enquiry around the role of aircraft during the First World War and have the chance to handle or try on items from our handling collection. Up to 1 hour workshop, £60 per session*

National Curriculum Links: History


Local History - Aviation in North London and Hertfordshire 

Explore the impact of aviation on your local areas. Companies such as Grahame-White, Handley Page and de Havilland were at the cutting edge of new technology and became major employers as the need for aircraft increased during the First and Second World Wars. Up to 1 hour workshop, £60 per session*

National Curriculum Links: History - a local history study



All of our Key Stage 3 workshops:

- Are suitable for classes of up to 30 students

- Run Tuesday - Friday, 10.15am, 11.15am & 12.15pm

Cancellation fees may apply - please see our FAQ page for details

*Workshops cost £30 per session until end of July 2018 (unless otherwise stated)

If you would like to book any of these sessions, please use the online booking form.
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