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Schools FAQs

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The following FAQs apply to those schools who have booked a workshop at the Museum. If you are visiting on a self-guided visit please refer to our self-guided FAQs.

  • Yes - we would highly recommend coming for a pre-visit so that you can familiarise yourself with the Museum, the facilities and spaces you will be using. To book a pre-visit and for more information, please email:

  • Hand sanitiser facilities are available in each hangar
  • Screens are in place at our entrance desk, in our shop and cafes
  • Toilets have additional cleaning/monitoring in place.

  • If you suspect that you or anyone in your party (teachers / pupils / adult helpers) has any symptoms of coronavirus, we kindly urge you to refrain from attending the Museum. If any of your school party has a cough or cold and has tested negative for Covid-19, then we would encourage the wearing of a face covering to reduce the likelihood of transmission, and to provide reassurance to other participants and Museum staff. The safety of our staff is paramount, and we will do our absolute best to ensure you have a safe visit on the understanding that you kindly commit to the same

  • Schools arriving by coach or minibus (pre-booked): If your school has booked to attend a schools’ workshops, you will be met in the car park by one of our volunteers who will note your coach or minibus number plate registration and will ensure you will receive free parking.

  • Our volunteers will meet you once you’ve arrived at the Museum and we are open to the public. If arriving by coach please stay on this where he/she will meet you. If you’re coming via public transport please head straight to the main entrance (Hangar 1) where he/she will meet you. Once they’ve met you they will explain where to meet for your workshop and where lunch will be. Then they will take you to where your bags and coats can be stored for the day

  • Our workshops are designed to fit around your curriculum. Let us know on your booking form what your Learning Objectives are and speak to your presenter at the start of the workshop so they can pitch the workshop for you. For pre-and-post-visit resources to help you make the most of your workshop

  • We are a team with many years experience working with children. We know that the best school visits are those where teachers are as engaged as their students. So please, put your mobiles out of sight, keep chat with colleagues to a minimum and get ready to enjoy yourself!

  • The location and timing of your lunch will be sent to you once the booking is confirmed. On the day of your visit our volunteer/s will take you to where bags and coats can be stored for the visit
  • We have limited storage so if possible please ask pupils to bring lunches in carrier bags as these take up less space and are easier to carry. We suggest that you avoid bringing any large or bulky items, unless they are necessary. We also have a café on site if you wish to purchase any refreshments. If the weather is good we have an outside picnic space
  • Please be aware that you may be subject to a bag check on your visit to the Museum. We appreciate your patience and understanding while these are taking place.

  • Outside of your workshop and lunch timings please do feel free to explore the Museum (we have six hangars to explore and lots of green space). It is important to note that pupils must be supervised at all times. Groups are welcome to make sketches of our aircraft, however we do ask that only dry media is used. Our resources pages may also help with ideas for additional things to do during your visit

  • The Royal Air Force Museum London welcomes everyone and aims to ensure an enjoyable visit to all. We offer a wide range of facilities for visitors who require additional assistance during their visit
  • All parts of the Museum are accessible to wheelchair users. However, it is helpful if you notify us in advance so that necessary access arrangements can be made. Use this link for further information about accessibility.

  • An invoice for your workshop/s will be sent out by our finance department after the visit has taken place

  • Our Museum shop can be found in Hangar 1

  • Please contact the shop for details of when these are likely to open: 020 8205 6867

  • If you need to cancel your booking but give less than two weeks’ (10 working days) notice, you will be charged in full. Likewise, if your school fails to arrive on the booked date of your activity, you will also be charged in full. If you need to change your date or cancel your booking entirely, please do email us at or call us on 020 8358 4896
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