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Rolls-Royce to support RAF Museum's RAF Centenary Programme

Published on: 28 November 2017

The RAF Museum has today announced Rolls-Royce as the sponsor for a key element of a new exhibition opening next year as part of its RAF Centenary celebrations. The ‘Innovation’ section of the new permanent exhibition that tells the story of the first 100 years of the RAF will feature examples of how Rolls-Royce innovation has powered the air force throughout this illustrious history.

An artist's impression of part of the First 100 Years of the RAF exhibition
The Museum, located in North-West London, already features a number of Rolls-Royce powered aircraft that have served in RAF colours since its inception in 1918. The new exhibition will include a Hawker-Siddley Gnat trainer aircraft in Red Arrows livery, powered by the Orpheus. The ‘Innovation’ theme will explore the development of the jet engine, including the pioneering role played by Air Commodore Sir Frank Whittle. Also featured will be the iconic Merlin, which powered the Spitfire, as well as engines that power today’s RAF fleet.

One of the Rolls-Royce Engines from our collection that will be on display. This one, the R, won the Schneider Trophy seaplane competition.

Chris Cholerton, Rolls-Royce President – Defence Aerospace, said:  ‘Rolls-Royce is immensely proud to have powered the Royal Air Force throughout its history and we are delighted to be involved in helping to tell its incredible story and share some of our own from this longstanding partnership. We hope that this exhibit helps to inspire future generations to reach for the skies.’

Maggie Appleton, Chief Executive of the RAF Museum added; ‘Rolls-Royce engines are an integral part of RAF history. The engines, and the technological breakthroughs they signify, feature across its hundred years of storytelling. We’re absolutely delighted with this announcement which celebrates people’s technical creativity and brilliance as a springboard for future innovation.‘

The Rolls-Royce logo

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