Secondary School Resources


International Day of Women and Girls in Science  - (11 February) - a celebratory resource!

Battle of Britain – a biographical resource for Key Stage 3

Battle of Britain – highlights for a Key Stage 3/4 visit to the Museum

Materials, Mechanisms and Structures – a Design and Technology resource for KS5 students to use at the Museum

RAF: First to the Future – Classroom Debating Resource for Key Stages 3-5: Presentation and Supporting Teacher Information
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Art and Design

The Museum is a great place to discover some amazing art and design, from paintings and sculpture to aircraft art, structures and camouflage. You can also get creative and do some sketching as part of your visit.

KS3 STEM Videos


Discover the challenges that crews and aircraft face at altitude. Focusing on Heat and Temperature, Air Pressure, and G-force, this video provides a practical application of the science curriculum.


Explore the forces that make flight possible. Focusing on Weight, Lift, Drag, Thrust and Air Resistance, this video provides a practical application of the science curriculum.


Explore the invention and application of RADAR technology. Focusing on the history and uses of Radar through the electromagnetic spectrum, radio waves, sound waves and more, this video provides a practical application of the science curriculum.


Aiming for Awesome

10 resources for Key Stage 2 and 3 students, exploring the engineering achievements of the RAF over the last 100 years. Developed by the Royal Academy of Engineering, each resource allows students to explore the applications of knowledge they learn in Science, Design and Technology, Mathematics and Computing.

RAF100 Schools Project

An opportunity for secondary schools to learn about both History and STEM together as they explore 100 years of the RAF. The Institute of Physics and the Historical Association have produced downloadable activities covering subjects such as codebreakers and communication and medicine, war and rescue.

RAF Stories

Launched as part of the Museum’s RAF Centenary Programme, RAF Stories is an online collection of videos from people who have a connection to the Royal Air Force and want to share their experiences.