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30 Years of Women in the RAF

April 2024 marks 30 years since the Royal Air Force and  Women’s Royal Air Force merged to create one unified organisation that was stronger together. To celebrate we have made a video celebrating the work of women in the Air Force from 1918 to today. With lots of people stories and opportunities to discuss, it’s ideal for a PSHE session!

Pride Month

At the RAF Museum, we’re proud to share the stories of our members and veterans who belong to the LGBTQ+ community. This video, ideal for a reflective PSHE session or assembly, explores the history of the LGBTQ+ community both within the RAF, and in the UK more widely.

Noor Inayat Khan

Noor 'Agent Madeleine' from RAF Museum - Learning on Vimeo.

Discover the life of the ‘Spy Princess’ Noor Inayat Khan in this short animation by UAL Animation students from Barnet and Southgate College, class of 2022.

Want to explore more stories of people of colour? Then book our ‘Flying Colours’ workshop. See our Secondary Schools Programme for details.

KS3 STEM Videos


For British Science Week 2023 we celebrated with a new KS3 STEM video putting the focus on aerial cameras.


Explore the developments in materials that have driven improvements in aircraft technology. Focussing on how materials have changed over time and how engineers have been able to harness their properties for flight, this video provides a practical application of the science curriculum.

To allow you to use this video in sections, a timestamped version of this video is available, organised by time-period and material. Click ‘Watch on YouTube’ to access this version.


Discover the challenges that crews and aircraft face at altitude. Focusing on Heat and Temperature, Air Pressure, and G-force, this video provides a practical application of the science curriculum.


Explore the forces that make flight possible. Focusing on Weight, Lift, Drag, Thrust and Air Resistance, this video provides a practical application of the science curriculum.


Explore the invention and application of RADAR technology. Focusing on the history and uses of Radar through the electromagnetic spectrum, radio waves, sound waves and more, this video provides a practical application of the science curriculum.

Strike Hard, Strike Sure: Bomber Command 1939-1945 – Classroom Debating Resource for Key Stages 4-5: Presentation and Supporting Teacher Information

RAF: First to the Future – Classroom Debating Resource for Key Stages 3-5: Presentation and Supporting Teacher Information
(on opening the presentation, click ‘Enable Editing’ at top of screen to allow the videos to play within the presentation)

Exploring the Cold War Information and Activity Pack for KS3 and GCSE

This Exploring the Cold War information and activity pack is designed to accompany learning about the Cold War. It is designed for use by upper Key Stage 3 pupils, but would also make a great introduction to the topic for GCSE History students.

The resource includes a glossary of key terms, information, reflection questions and learning activities to be used in the classroom or at home, along with activities to try during a visit to the RAF Museum.

Exploring the Cold War Teacher Pack

This Teacher Information and Answer Pack accompanies the ‘Exploring the Cold War’ resource for KS3/GCSE students. It contains a summarised history of the Cold War and answers to the questions asked in the student pack to help with marking.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

International Day of Women and Girls in Science  - (11 February) - a celebratory resource!

Battle of Britain

Battle of Britain – a biographical resource for Key Stage 3 which highlights the international profile of the Royal Air Force in 1940.


Level Two Art and Design students at Barnet and Southgate College explored the story of Windrush and its connection to the RAF in this digital art exhibition. Check out their work in the video below!

Aiming for Awesome

10 resources for Key Stage 2 and 3 students, exploring the engineering achievements of the RAF over the last 100 years. Developed by the Royal Academy of Engineering, each resource allows students to explore the applications of knowledge they learn in Science, Design and Technology, Mathematics and Computing.

RAF100 Schools Project

An opportunity for secondary schools to learn about both History and STEM together as they explore 100 years of the RAF. The Institute of Physics and the Historical Association have produced downloadable activities covering subjects such as codebreakers and communication and medicine, war and rescue.

RAF Stories

Launched as part of the Museum’s RAF Centenary Programme, RAF Stories is an online collection of videos from people who have a connection to the Royal Air Force and want to share their experiences.


A Day in the Life

Our volunteers share what a typical day was like for them in their careers

A Day in the Life of RAF Admin Officer

A Day in the Life of a Software Quality Assurance Engineer

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