Enjoy classroom activities inspired by our collection, our historic location, and by key events such as the Battle of Britain. Nail down chronology with our handy timelines and histories.

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Children's Art Week 2024

In this series of short videos we will tell you about the artwork in our 'To The Stares' temporary art exhibition and set you a creative challenge inspired by that artwork. Each day explores a different theme or artistic technique.

Day One - Collage

Day Two - Drawing with Grids

Day Three - Movement

Day Four - Portraiture

Day Five - Detailed Drawing


30 Years of Women in the RAF

April 2024 marks 30 years since the Royal Air Force and  Women’s Royal Air Force merged to create one unified organisation that was stronger together. To celebrate we have made a video celebrating the work of women in the Air Force from 1918 to today. With lots of people stories and opportunities to discuss, it’s ideal for a PSHE session!

Our Local History: A Children’s Walking Tour of Colindale

A short film exploring on foot the historic site of the London Aerodrome and RAF Hendon. Co-written and narrated by pupils of Colindale Primary School in the year of their school’s centenary. Produced by the Royal Air Force Museum with thanks to the Trustees of the Museum and of the Royal Aero Club Trust.

Local to Colindale? – why not follow in Colindale Primary’s footsteps with your class? Use this map to help locate the various stops on the tour.

100 Years of the Royal Canadian Air Force

In 1924 the Royal Canadian Air Force was formed. In this video we share some of the stories, aircraft and artefacts we have here at the RAF Museum which link the RAF and the RCAF over the last 100 years.

An Introduction to 100 Years of Flight with Dulcie Gull

Click here for a subtitled version

World Book Day

Jamaican Stories

This video takes pupils back in time to discover the stories of five inspiring Jamaicans who volunteered to join the RAF. Filmed at the Museum, the video shows aircraft flown, and the uniforms worn by Jamaican personnel over the past one hundred years.

The Spitfire Fund - short storyThe children start their adventure

The RAF Museum’s Children’s Author in Residence, Tom Palmer, has written a time-travelling short story commemorating the 80th anniversary of that significant turning point in British history – the Battle of Britain.

Join Yusra, Lily and Danny on their amazing adventures in ‘The Spitfire Fund.

Reading comprehension activities and writing challenges accompany each chapter. Written for children aged 7+.

The Story of Ray Holmes

Graphic novel telling the story of Ray Holmes, the RAF Volunteer Reserve who, in September 1940 jumped from his bath to take flight in his Hurricane aeroplane to defend the country from German invasion. Discover how his adventure saw him bale out over Buckingham Palace!
(please note that this contains PG-rated language which is appropriate to the era)

Layla takes to the skies

Written to celebrate World Book Day. Ideal for a short class read. click here for the story

NEW Sensory Stories for SEND pupils

We have created some new Sensory Stories for use in schools, all with a Royal Air Force Museum link. You can choose from:

Aircraft factory - find out what was involved in building aircraft during the First World War

Noor Inayat Khan - the true story of a brave Muslim woman working undercover in occupied France during the Second World War

Trevor Edwards - the story of a fast jet pilot

Windrush - roughly one third of the Windrush’s passengers were RAF personnel returning from leave or veterans re-joining the service.


June 2023 - the 75th anniversary of the HMT Empire Windrush arriving in Britain. Did you know that roughly one third of the Windrush’s passengers were RAF airmen returning from leave or veterans re-joining the service?

Wings and Waves: Windrush and the RAF

Discover the tales of RAF veterans whose stories are connected to Windrush in celebration of their generation’s amazing contribution to building modern Britain.


Level Two Art and Design students at Barnet and Southgate College explored the story of Windrush and its connection to the RAF in this digital art exhibition. Check out their work in the video below!

Character Cards

Dip into our new character cards to discover the stories of eleven men and women of African and Caribbean descent who did – or are still doing - amazing things both in the RAF and in their civilian lives. Includes fun facts and activities to get your pupils involved.

Colouring Sheets

Get creative and learn more about RAF members from the Windrush generation with our free downloadable colouring sheets!

Aiming for Awesome

10 resources for Key Stage 2 and 3 students, exploring the engineering achievements of the RAF over the last 100 years. Developed by the Royal Academy of Engineering, each resource allows students to explore the applications of knowledge they learn in Science, Design and Technology, Mathematics and Computing.

RAF Stories

Launched as part of the Museum’s RAF Centenary Programme, RAF Stories is an online collection of videos from people who have a connection to the Royal Air Force and want to share their experiences.


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