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Virtual Reality Zone

Become a Spitfire pilot

Thrill Rating:

Step into the Virtual Reality Zone and experience the thrill of flying in a Spitfire in full 360°!

  • Ticket Price
    per person per "flight"
  • £5.00
    per person per "flight"
  • Minimum age 13+ years
  • Children between 7 - 16 with parents' permission
  • Duration approx: 6 minutes
computer generated image of spitfire in flight Become a Spitfire Pilot

Put on your VR Goggles and enjoy 6 thrilling minutes as a Spitfire pilot. Experience taking off to 10,000 feet, circling a Kentish airfield with low passes and looping-de-loop - all the time enjoying 360° panoramic views as you fly. An experience so real, you'll believe you're piloting the aircraft yourself.

The footage for the Spitfire 360° was created especially for the RAF Museum and enables you to have a feel of what it is like flying a Spitfire. Its all-around view provides an insight in how the pilot handles the controls during taking off and while throwing the Spitfire from a loop to a tight turn.

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