Work Experience Opportunities


As part of our Inspiring People Strategy, we are working to put together a robust and productive programme to support student development and further opportunity within our local communities.

As we actively develop this offer, we are aiming to implement a programme across both our Midlands and London sites in 2024, which gives an insight into careers within museums. 

Our work experience trial period is currently closed for 2024.



If you are under 16 years of age, the RAF Museum require parent/guardian consent to hold your details on file. Without this, we cannot discuss a work experience placement with you. Before you enquire, please make sure you have obtained consent - or email from a parent/guardians email address. 

What we can't do

Please note: Our work experience programme is only able to offer experience working within the Museum. Although we are the Royal Air Force's Museum we are unable to offer work experience within the RAF or any part of the Ministry of Defence.

If you would like to gain experience of what it would be like to be a member of the Royal Air Force, we would suggest contacting your local RAF Cadets branch and becoming a member.

Similarly, although we are sponsored by several aviation and defence companies, we are unable to offer work experience with our partners as they have their own programmes and prefer to be contacted directly. We do not hold the contact details of their HR Departments. 

If you are interested in gaining experience working with a particular company outside of the Museum, please search their website to find what opportunities they are offering and contact them in accordance with their instructions for work experience applications.

Thank you.