The Museum site is vast and it is difficult to see everything in just one visit. Here are some suggestions about what you could fit into a short and longer visit:

National Cold War Exhibition

Explore the immense threat posed to world peace and security during this significant period of the 20th century.

For up to 2 hours: Unique display of 3 nuclear bombers
With more time: Short Belfast Cinema, ‘Hot Spots’.
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Test Flight

Most of these exhibits were produced in secrecy, often utilising components borrowed from other types.

For up to 2 hours: Research and Development Aircraft Collection, Fun ‘n’ Flight
With more time: ‘Touch & Try’ Jet Provost
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War in the Air

The display includes British, German and Japanese aircraft, all with an important place in the development of military aviation.

For up to 2 hours: War in the Air Aircraft Collection
With more time: Enemy aircraft including rare Japanese and German machines
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Hangar 1

The Museum’s collection of transport and training aircraft consists of some of the largest and smallest machines flown by the Royal Air Force.

For up to 2 hours: Transport and Training Aircraft Collection, Aero Engines
With more time: Art Gallery, History of Cosford, German Second World War missiles
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RAF Stories: The First 100 Years 1918-2018

The entrance to our Test Flight hangar has been filled with exhibits celebrating the RAF’s centenary in 2018.

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Please note: The Museum regularly undertakes a programme of maintenance and conservation, so some exhibits or Hangars may be temporarily inaccessible. If you are visiting us to see something specific, please contact us in advance to ensure it that it is on display and available for public viewing.